Corporations List

World Services Group is a global membership association whose members are among the top providers of professional business services. There are more than 130 member firms representing worldwide clients. Members operate in more than 115 countries and throughout the United States. Below is a list of worldwide corporations representative of WSG members' clients and potential clients.



P-Com, Inc.
P Moller
Paccar, Inc.
Pace Micto Technology PLC.
Pacific Bell
Pacific Dairy Products, Inc.
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Pacific Maritime Association
Pacific Telecom Inc.
Pacific Telesis Group
Pacific USA Holdings Corporation
Packeriand Packing Co. Inc.
Pactel Corporation
PACTIV Corporation
PaeTec Communications, Inc.
Paged Sp z oc (Centrala Handlu Zagranicznego)
PaineWebber, Inc.
Pair Technology Corporation
PaIsgaard Industri A/S
Pakhoed Corporation
Pakistan Produce Provisions
Palafox Associates
Palks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd Hungary
Pall Italia (Italy)
Pallestrini Post Production Inc.
Palm, Inc.
Palmeo Corporation
Palmer & Cav, Inc.
Palmer & Harvey McLane Limited
Palo Pinto Special Education Co-op
Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.
Pampered Chef, LTD.
Pamukbank TAS Turkey
Pan-American Life Insurance
Panalpina World Transport, Ltd.
Panasonic Deutschland GmbH
Panavia Aircraft GmbH
Pancyprian Insurance Co Cyprus
Panhandle Eastern Corporation
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Une Co.
Papula Oy
Paragon Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Parametric Technology Corporation
Paramount Parks, Inc.
Paramount Pictures Corporation
PARAXEL International Corporation
Paribas Ltd
Park-Ohio Industries, Inc.
Park Place Entertainment Corporation
Park Place Entertainment
Park Tower Realty Co.
Parke Davis and Co.
Parker Drilling Company
Parker-Hannifin Corporation
ParkerlHunter Incorporated
Parmalat SPA
PARS Assets, LLC
Parsia Trade Brands, Inc
Parsons & Whittemore. Inc.
Partek Corporation
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.
Pascual Hermanos SA.
Pathmark Stores, Inc.
Paul Hartmann AG
Pavet Network. Inc.
Pavia & Harcourt
Paviess ShoeSource. Inc.
Pavne & Dolan. Inc.
Paychex, Inc.
PB&PA of Illinois
PC Connection, Inc.
PC Group
PCD Polymere GmbH
PCMS-MagnaCare, Inc.
PCS Health Systems, Inc.
PCS/IKG/Patterson Kelley-Division of
PCS Nitrogen
PCS Phosphate Company. Inc.
PE Corporation
Peabody Holding Company, Inc.
Peak Software Solutions. Inc.
Peak Technologies, Inc.
Pearson pic.
Pearson PLC
Pechiney Trading
Pedestal In I c.
Pediatrix Medical Grou , Inc.
Pek-Pol Sp z oo Poland
Pelikan Holding AG
Pella Corporation
Pellerin Milnor Corporation
Pembroke Capital Ltd Ireland
PEMCO Financial Center
Pemod Ricard
Pena Celest Lourdes
Pencorn Svstems Incorporated
Penda Corporation
Pengeinstutternes Betalingssystem A/S
Penguin Books Ltd
Penn-America Group. Inc.
Penn Federal Savings Bank
Penn Independence Corporation
Penn National Insurance
Penn Stuart & Eskridge
Penn Traffic Company
Penn Treaty Network America Ins. Co.
Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Pennsylvania Bankers Association
Pennsylvania Gas & Water Company
Pennsylvania School Boards
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit
Pennzoil Company
Pennzoil Exploration & Production
Penske Truck Leasing Go.
Pentacon, Inc.
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Pentech Financial Services. Inc.
Pentland Group PLC
Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company
Peoples Natural Gas Company
Peoria, Inc.
Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated
Pepsi Bottling Group
Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Inc.
Pepsico International
PepsiCo. Inc.
Pere Tine Svstem Inc.
Perez Companc S.A.
Performance Claims Service
Performance Contracting Group Inc.
PerkinElmer, Inc.
Perkins Family Restaurants
Perkins Foods PLC
Perkombank Ukrame
Permanente Medical Group. Inc.
Pernod Ricard
Perot Systems Corporation
Perrier Group of America Inc.
Perry Homes
PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc.
Personal Path Systems, Inc.
Personnel Decisions International
Pet Valu International Inc.
Peterson Worldwide
Petr6leos De Portupl (Petrogal) SA
PetroCorp Incorporated
Petrofina S.A.
Petrofina SA
Petrol Ofisi AS Genel Mudurlugu Turkey
Petrol Trgovina ro Slovenia
Petroland, BV
Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.
Petroleos del None SA
Petroleum, Inc.
Petrolite Corporation
Petrpleos De Portugal
PetSmart, Inc.
Pettibone Corporation, L.L.C.
Pettit & Martin
Peugeot, S.A.
Peugeot SA
Peugeot -Talbot Deutschland GmbH
Peugeot Talbot Espan a, S.A.
Peugeot Talbot Esparia SA
Peugeot Talbot MotorCompany PLC
PEUGEOT - TALBOT aspens sa
PFA State- Agentur AIS
Pfah-erke AG
Pfizer Italiana
PFPC, Inc.
PG & E National Energy Group
Phar-Mor, Inc.
Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Product
Pharmacia & Upjohn , Inc.
Pharmacia & Upjohn SPA
Pharmacia & Upjohn AB
Pharmacia AB
Pharmacia Corporation
Pharmacia LEO Therapeutics, AB
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance
Pharmacvclics, Inc.
PharmaNet, Inc.
Pharmasset, Inc.
PharMerica, Inc.
Phase-I Molecular Toxicology Inc.
Phelps Dodge Corporation
PHH Corporation
PHH Vehicle Management Services
PHICO Insurance Company
PHICO Insurance Company
Philadelphia Gas Works
Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.
Philadelphia Suburban Corporation
Philadelphia Suburban Water
Philiki Insurance Co Ltd Cyprus
Philip Morris (Thailand) Limited
Philip Morris Asia, Inc.
Philip Morris Companies, Inc.
Philip Morris Europe
Philip Morris GmbH
Philip Morris International
Philip Morris Management
Philipp Holzmarn AG
Philippine Airlines
Philippine Associated Smelling
Philips Consumer Electronics Company
Philips Danmark AIS
Philips Electronic N.V.
Philips Electronics North American
Philips Electronics NV
Philips Electronics UK Ltd
Philips GmbH
Philips Interactive Media
Philips International, B.V.
Philips Lighting Company
Philips Medical Systems North
Philips Medical Systems
Philips, N.V.
Phillip Morris Management Corp.
Phillips Petroleum Co. Europe
Phillips Petroleum Company-Norway
Phillips Petroleum Company UK Ltd
Phoenix AG
Phoenix Aktiengesellschaft
Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance
Phoenix Suns
Photronics, Inc.
PHP Healthcare Corporation
Physicians Insurance
Pictet & Cie Banquiers
Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc.
Pierce Leahy Corp.
Pilkington North America. Inc.
Pilkington PLC
Pillar to Post Inc.
Pinault-Printemps- Redoute
Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
Pinnfund, USA
Pioneer Electric C
Pioneer Electronic Corp.
Pioneer Electronics Eurocentre NV
Pioneer Group, Inc.
Pioneer H-Bred International
Pioneer HI-Bred International, Inc.
Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.
Pioneer Overseas Corporation
Pioneer Overseas Corporation
Pioneer Standard Electronics
Pioneer USA
Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation
Pirelli SPA
Pirelli UK PLC
Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation
Pitney Bowes Financial Services
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Pitt-Des Moines, Inc.
Pivotal Corporation
Pizza Inn. Inc.
Pizza Public Company Limited
Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
Plains Ali American Inc., Inc.
Plantronics, Inc.
PlasmaNet Inc.
Plastics Engineering Company
Plastics Engineering Company
Playboy Enterprises Inc. (USA)
Pleasant Company
Plum Creek Management Company,
PMA Insurance Group
PMI Mortgage Insurance Co.
PNC Bank Corporation
PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
PNC Bank. N.A.
PNC Mortgage Corp. of America
PNC, Ohio, NA
Pneumo Abex Corporation
Pocahontas Land Corporation
Poe & Brown, Inc.
Pohang Iron & Steel Company Ltd.
Pohjola Group
Pointshare Inc.
Polar Corporation
Polaroid Corp.
Polhola Group
Policy Management Systems
Pollet, S.A.
Polly Peck International Plc. Polo Ralph Lauren L.P.
Polygram International Ltd
PolyOne Corporation
Pomosh, Inc.
Pool Energy Services Co.
Pope Clothing (U.S.A.). Inc.
Porcutel - Empresa de Celulose e P~pel de Portuj
Porsche AG
Porsche Cars North America Inc.
Porsche Holding OHG
Port Authority of New York/New
Port of Portland
Portal Wave, Inc.
Porter Hayden Co.
Portland Cement Company
Portugal Telecom
Possehl & Co Gmbh
Post Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc.
Postabank 6s Takar6kp6nztAr Rt Hungary
Posten AB (" Post")
Postipankki Ltd
Postner & Rubin
Poswerket (Norway Post) Norway
Potomac Capital Investment Corp.
Potomac Electric Power Company
Powell Duffryn PLC
Powenex, Inc.
PowerBrief Inc.
Powercell Corporation
Powergen PLC
Powerhouse Technologies, Inc.
Powertel, Inc.
Powerwave Technologies, Inc.
Powszechny Bank Kredytowy SA Poland
PPG Industries International, Inc.
PQ Corporation
PR Inc.
PR Newswire Association, Inc.
PRA International
Practice Development Institute
Prandium. Inc.
Prate Installations, Inc.
Pratt & Whitney Group
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Pratt Industries (USA), Inc.
Praxair, Inc.
Praxair, Inc.
PRC, Inc.
Prebon Yamane (USA) Inc.
Prechter Holdings, Inc.
Precision Response Corporation
Precision Tune, Inc.
Predictive Systems
Preen Industries, Inc.
Preern Petroleum AB
Preferred Capital Co
Preferred Health Management
Preformed Line Products Company
Premark International, Inc.
Premera Blue Cross
Premier Farrell pIc
Premier, Inc.
Premier Industrial Corporation
Premiere Technologies. Inc.
Premium Recoveries, Inc.
Prenet Corporation
Prennafin Fmanziaria SPA
Pressalit AIS
Prestolite Electric, Inc.
Pretzel & Stouffer, Chartered
Preussag AG
Preussen Eleldra Aktiengesellschaft
Preussenelektra AG
Price Brothers Company
Price Smart. Inc.
Priceline WebHouse Club, Inc.
Pride International, Inc.
Pride Petroleum Services, Inc.
Prima Communications, Inc.
Primark Corporation
Prime Charter Ltd.
Prime Computer, Inc.
Prime Hospitality Corp.
Prime Response, Inc.
Prime Service, Inc.
Primerat Technology,
Primis, Inc.
Princess Cruises
Princeton Insurance and Healthcare
Principal Financial Group
Principal Life Insurance Company
Principal Residential Mortgage, Inc., Inc.
Private Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Privathanken A/S
Privredna banka Zagreb del Croatia
Pro-Tec Data
Process Systems International, Inc.
Procordia AB
Procordia, AS
Procter & Gamble International
Procter & Gamble de Venezuela C.A.
Procter & Gamble Europe
Procter & Gamble Company
Procter & Gamble Go.
Procter & Gamble Europe
Procter& Gamble Benelux NVISA
Procter& Gamble Espafia SA
Procter& Gamble Limited
Proctor & Gamble Manufacturing (Thailand)
Professional Information Corporation
Professional Practice Insurance
Professional Service Industries, Inc.
Professional Training Programs, Inc.
Profit Recovery Group International,
Progress Software Corp.
Progressive Co
Progressive Tool & Industries Co.
Project Renewal, Inc.
Proliance Energy LLC
Promodes SA (Holding) PromodSs, S.A.
Promohypermarkt AG & Co
Promotion Marketing Association of
Properties International
Pros Revenue Management
Protection One
Protective Insurance Co.
Protective Life Corporation
Prouvost S.A.
ProVantage Health Services. Inc.
Provenio Group. Inc.
Providence Energy Corporation
Providence Washington Insurance Provident Financial PLC
Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Provident Savings Bank
Providian Financial Corporation
Province Healthcare Company
Proxicom, Inc.
Proxima Corporation
ProxvMed. Inc.
PRS Group
PRS Management Group
Prudential Assn. Co., Ltd.
Prudential-Bache Securities, Inc.
Prudential Bank & Trust Company
Prudential Connecticut Realty
Prudential HealthCare
Prudential Insurance Co. of America
Prudential Insurance Company of
Prudential Property & Casualty
Prudential Securities Incorporated
PSC, Inc.
PSEG Global Inc.
PSEG Services Corporation
PSI Services, Inc.
PSINet Inc.
PSP-Finance Ltd
PTEK Holdings, Inc.
PTT Schweizerische Post
Public Abstract Corporation
Public Broadcasting Service
Public Service Company of New
Publications Division
Publicivis HoldmgAG
Publitalia 80
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Puerto Azul Land, Inc.
Pulsent Corporation
Pulte Corporation
Puma Technology
Purdue Frederick Company
Pure Energy Corp.
PurePacket Communications
Purina Mills, Inc.
PWA - Papi-erke Waldhof-Aschaffenburg AG