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  • Blog: Appellate InsightFederal Anti-SLAPP Law Year in Review – 2019 RoundupPosted on March 31, 2020 by Josephine Mason Petrick
    By Josephine Petrick & Breana Burgos 2019 was another active year for federal appellate anti-SLAPP opinions. Most notably, the circuit split deepened over whether state anti-SLAPP laws even apply in federal court. Despite an earlier trend of federal courts applying state anti-SLAPP laws under Erie, recent decisions may reflect a new trend toward limiting or […]
  • Blog: MisbrandedTofurky Wins the Day: Arkansas District Court Enjoins “Truth in Labeling” LawPosted on March 22, 2020 by Julie A. Simeone, Jane Metcalf
    Last year, Arkansas enacted a “Truth in Labeling” law that placed restrictions on companies’ ability to label edible products with the term “meat” and other meat-related words.[1]  Arkansas Act 501 took effect July 24, 2019.[2] Turtle Island Foods SPC d/b/a/ Tofurky Company (“Tofurky”) is an Oregon-headquartered company in the business of selling plant-based meats made [...]
  • Blog: Capital Markets LitigationCryptocurrency and Blockchain Litigation Trends and PredictionsPosted on January 3, 2020 by Alexandra Droz
    As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have expanded, so too have regulatory scrutiny and ensuing litigation. The lack of a uniformly applicable regulatory framework–particularly regarding whether virtual currencies constitute securities subject to the federal securities laws and registration requirements–has led to confusion and uncertainty. Recently filed “fintech” actions are poised to establish precedent in this novel... Continue Reading

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