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  • Blog: Twitter Feeds[Action required] Your RSS.app Trial has Expired - Sun Jan 16 2022Posted on January 16, 2022 by rss.app
    Your trial has expired. Please update your subscription plan at rss.app. - (xBbtbI75hXeLIroc)
  • Blog: Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution BlogBC Court of Appeal Weighs in on Standard of Review of International Arbitral AwardsPosted on November 30, 2021 by Meg Gaily, Scott Lucyk, Craig A.B. Ferris, QC, FCIArb.
    Earlier this year, we wrote about how questions about the applicable standard of review of arbitral awards had been re-opened by two decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”), Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Vavilov[1] (“Vavilov”) and Wastech Services Ltd. v. Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District[2] (“Wastech”). On ...
  • Blog: MisbrandedFowl Ground: Ninth Circuit Reaches Unusual Result Applying Federal Preemption Law in Poultry Labeling CasePosted on November 17, 2021 by Michael D. Schwartz, Joshua Kipnees
    A few months ago, we analyzed the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Webb v. Trader Joe’s Company, No. 19-56389 (June 4, 2021), which held that a private plaintiff’s challenge to poultry labeling claims were preempted by federal law, warranting dismissal at the pleadings stage.  However, the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision in Cohen v. ConAgra Brands, Inc., [...]
  • Blog: DeclassifiedFinancial Negligence Claim Reversed in Mississippi Supreme CourtPosted on March 16, 2021 by Jeffrey R. Blackwood, Michael Bentley and Jonathan M. Barnes
    In Gloria Baker, et al. v. Raymond James & Associates Inc., et al., the Mississippi Supreme Court on March 4 reinstated a trial court ruling that Mississippi’s latent-injury discovery-rule exception to the catch-all, three-year limitations period did not apply where the lay plaintiffs, though inexperienced and unsophisticated investors, received monthly account statements showing “substantial losses”... Continue Reading
  • Blog: HB BrieflyFederal Class Action Appeals – What’s the Deadline to Petition to Appeal When a Motion for Reconsideration Is Filed?Posted on December 28, 2018 by tjb
    If you’re litigating a putative class action in federal court and get a class certification order that is adverse to your client (whether plaintiff or defense), you may petition to take an immediate appeal of that order.  Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(f). The petition to appeal must be filed quickly—within 14 days.  Id.  The short turnaround time … Continue reading Federal Class Action Appeals – What’s the Deadline to Petition to Appeal When a Motion for Reconsideration Is Filed? → The post Federal Class Action Appeals – What’s the Deadline to Petition to Appeal When a Motion for Reconsiderat...

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