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Blogging & Your Brand: Notoriety is a Result Not an Action

It used to be that your brand was what others said it was, today your brand should be defined by you. In an increasingly competitive business environment most certainly shaped by what is searched and found on the Internet, it is more important than ever for a firm to distinguish its brand online. Blogging is an important tool being used to demonstrate expertise, improve search engine results, build brand awareness and ultimately, increase business opportunities.

Because blogging and content development are so important, WSG has continued to define and refine tools and technologies with members in mind. Consider the following helpful list of tips to enhance your blogging efforts – and build brand identity:

1. Establish objectives. What are your goals for your blog? Don’t start a blog because “everyone is doing it” or “just to do it.” If your firm does not have a goal for your blog, chances are your audience will not understand its direction either. Figure out what areas of your firm you want to strengthen and focus your blog on those.

2. Be consistent. Your blog posts should be consistent in both timeframe and formatting. Determine how often you want to post – daily, weekly, or monthly. Once readers recognize a pattern in your postings, they are more likely to return to check on new posts. Formatting should also be consistent. This means fonts, layouts, colors, etc. that correlate with your brand and image. Remember, your blog is an extension of you and your brand.

3. Content is king. This is where you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Content is what builds trust and gets your audience to return. Keep in mind that search engines will also read your content, which could lead more individuals to find your blog and you. Keep your content interesting by using a collection of media in your postings such as images, infographs, links, videos, or audios.

4. Give your firm a voice and a personality. Your website is static and conveys content in the third person. Let your blog be more dynamic. Determine what writing style and personality your blog will have. Express opinions and share current news. Remember that while sharing your opinions you must be accurate professional, and that every post should be aligned with your firm’s goals and mission statement. Another way of being more dynamic is to show your audience the faces of your firm. Who runs it? Did anyone get recognized for their accomplishments? Highlight those around you.

5. Follow other individuals in your industry and do your research. Following others in the industry will help discover trending topics, assist in establishing an opinion, and determine ways to separate you from the pack. Mingle. Interacting with others can help you drive more traffic to your blog. Find individuals in your company who are blogging and comment on their blogs. Be insightful and respectful. Share blog posts that you find interesting. Chances are they may return the favor and share your content as well.

Don’t have a blog? By contributing to your chosen WSG Practice Group Blog, WSG will automatically distribute that content to the targeted audience. This improves your chances of reaching decision makers and leaders in the industry with one click. Contribute today and find your space in the industry!

If you do have a blog, view the WSG Blog homepage today to ensure your blog appears on the WSG site with other member firm blogs. Be sure to view other blogs, comment, share insights, and contribute today.

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