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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry

Given the new trends and styles that emanate regularly from its players, the fashion industry is one that is constantly evolving. This industry, which is largely characterised by the production, display and sale of clothing, shoes, and perfume products has contributed immensely to the global gross domestic product...

TECH COMPANIES AND FUND RAISING: The New Way of Going Public (Part 1)

  A NEW PATHWAY From Uber to Jumia and even older technology (tech) companies like Etranzact and Chams Plc, it is arguable that Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”) have not offered great returns for tech companies in Nigeria and across the globe[1]. Investors are speculating on whether the great tech bubble is about to burst because, considering the cost of IPOs, tech companies have to scrutinise the expected returns when contemplating an IPO. One of the solutions to this cost vs returns conundrum appears to be for tech companies to adopt direct listings...
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