Membership Criteria

In order to maximize business opportunities, services providers typically join single-profession networks to meet their needs. WSG is a step ahead of such associations. Membership to the World Services Group offers various benefits:

Multidisciplinary Network

WSG members are selected based on strict objective standards established by the Board of Directors. To be considered for membership, each company must fulfill all of the following criteria.

  • Be among the leading state, national, or international businesses in their areas of expertise.
  • Have the highest professional reputation within their professional community.
  • Considered to have leading capacity and knowledge in their profession in their region.


Non-Exclusive Membership

Members can belong to groups, associations, alliances, networks, or be part of national or international firms and companies.


Service Industries

Presently there are 16 service industries represented within WSG. (View All Service Industries) The inclusion of new services will be decided by the Board of Directors.


Membership Categories

Membership to WSG is limited to one representative company/firm of a service industry per jurisdiction. Representation can be Local, National, Regional or Global.

    A local service provider is one that represents the jurisdiction where its main office(s) is located.
    A national service provider is one that has considerable operations nationally and therefore has the capacity to represent a service industry nationally in jurisdictions that are divided i.e. United States is divided by states and Canada is divided into provinces.
    A regional service provider is one that has operations in specific regions and therefore has the capacity to represent a service industry regionally i.e. the European Region.
    A global service provider is one that has substantial operations worldwide therefore having the capacity to provide services for every WSG member in any location.


Membership Approval Procedure

Membership to WSG is primarily by invitation. Nominations are made to regional members by existing members for representation of a specific service industry. If the invitation is accepted, prospective members are then asked to complete a WSG application form presented to the Board of Directors for approval. Alternatively a firm/company with interest in membership may approach WSG directly. If the initial criteria are met, an application form will then be completed and submitted to the Board of Directors and regional members. After submission, the Board of Directors make the decision as to the membership approval of the applicant. Applicants will be informed directly by the WSG President.