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Three Ways to Use WSG Groups to Establish Yourself as a Leader

WSG practice and industry groups exist to benefit members by providing a forum where professionals, at any level, can share knowledge, discuss opportunities and collaborate with colleagues who possess similar interests and expertise. Active participation in WSG groups not only adds value to your membership, but also provides a platform to establish yourself as an expert in your practice area. This consistent engagement will offer exposure to you and your firm and provide for a richer networking and learning environment.

Here are three ways to establish rapport with other members, deepen the value gained belonging to a group and start your journey to being considered an expert in your practice area or industry:

  1. Participate in Forum Discussions. Participating in forum discussions is a great way to engage in conversations about a specific topic or current issue. All WSG Group members can easily access forum discussions, contribute in a meaningful manner, and follow the developing discussions in real time without having to travel. Similarly, sending a message through the messaging tool can instantly connect you to individuals in the group. Messages can be sent to the entire practice group or you can narrow your conversation and select as few group members as you wish.
  2. Upload Articles. Uploading an article is a great way to draw attention and drive conversation around practice areas and interests most important to you and your firm. Include a paragraph or two about why you think the information is relevant or add a comment about "how I see it."
  3. Post to a WSG Group Blog. Writing a practice group blog is a great way to highlight and promote specialized knowledge and experience in order to create thought-leadership and global recognition. These posts are automatically distributed to WSG members of the group and posted on the collective Practice Group blog to create further engagement. More importantly, a blog can be read by existing and prospective clients and partners allowing them to develop an interest in your expertise.

For more information on joining or boosting your involvement in one of WSG's groups, please contact us at[email protected]

Marketing Manager[email protected]

WSG's members are independent firms and are not affiliated in the joint practice of professional services. Each member exercises its own individual judgments on all client matters.

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