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When: 06 - 08 March 2019
Where: Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
The WSG 2019 Meeting of the Americas, hosted by Waller and Bustamante & Bustamante Law Firm, took place in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on 6 - 8 March 2019. The program featured guest speakers, case studies and representative panel perspectives. There were several opportunities to network among the Latin and North American regions and across the WSG network.

Guest Speakers, Moderators and Panelists
in order of appearance
Wednesday, 06 March


1. WSG Emerging Leaders Group (ELG) Speaker Series: Presentation 1

Not Your Grandfather’s Legal Practice: How Technology is Changing How Attorneys Work

Moving through life, there’s an idea that we should ‘go where we are wanted’ but in today’s tech-driven world, opportunities are limitless so long as we ‘go where the wifi is strong.’ Taking the Lawyer out of the boardroom and onto the beach— whilst doing business with clients in Tokyo, Legility is transforming the way legal services are delivered. This presentation covered Legility's development and why there is a need for this type of alternate approach to sourcing Lawyers; what is the value for firms and lawyers utilizing and accessing Legility’s services and potential hang-ups.

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2. WSG Emerging Leaders Group (ELG) Speaker Series: Presentation 2

Guest Speaker
Ryan Alshak
Founder and CEO

It All Starts and Ends with Time: Understanding Why Time is the Only Thing That Matters

A shared daily struggle; tracking billable hours, could soon become a worry of past. How so? Enter Ping, your new time-tracker. Promising to radically change the way lawyers track billable minutes, Ping works behind the scenes, gathering data from all apps, programs and devices lawyers use-- from Microsoft Word to Excel, and browsing the web to talking on the phone-- and builds a log of what work has been done on what matter, for which client, and for how long. This presentation delved into the workings of the Ping platform, its benefits beyond untethering lawyers from a mundane task, and why this is the future of logging work and hours.

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Thursday, 07 March


3. WSG Women’s Group Breakfast Meeting

The first WSG Women's Group meeting brought together 15 female partners to discuss “Client Development" and served as an opportunity for WSG’s diverse female partners to support each other professionally, share insights and connections to inspire and provide reassurance for their fellow members.

During the meeting, group members shared updates on how their firms are internally assisting female staff with business development and relationship building through various initiatives such as community forums and mentoring programs. They also focused on the importance of female to female referrals and discussed how members can leverage the power of the group and its members to build business. Additional topics of discussion also included proactively encouraging other female colleagues to join the group/grow the group, pulling together a new database of female expert speakers, & sharing more success stories (through the group and with the bigger WSG network).

4. Speaker Presentation

Guest Speaker
Nicholas Bruch
Director & Principal Analyst
ALM Intelligence Fellows Institute

Innovation & Disruption: The Big Four’s Expanded Services Rock the Global Legal Landscape & What Can the Americas Expect
Mr Bruch discussed the Big 4’s existential threat to the legal landscape across the Americas. As Director & Principal Analyst of the ALM Intelligence Fellows Institute, Mr. Bruch’s vast experience includes advising law firms and law departments in developing and developed markets on issues related to strategy, business development, market intelligence, and operations and has written extensively on future industry trends in the legal market.

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5. Panel Discussion

Marc Adesso

Pharm to Table: Cleaning Up Your Act to Stay in the Legal Market
With investor curiosity at an all-time high, this presentation was a deep-dive into public and private investment; stock performance; and regulations in this fresh and exciting sector. Members heard from the leaders paving the way in the crux of a thriving industry poised for a bright and budding future despite its controversial nature.

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6. ELG Presentation

The WSG ELG showcased findings from their participation in Wednesday's prior ELG sessions and presented initiatives for 2019.

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7. Speaker Presentation

The Wealth of Health: The Evolution and Impact of Global Health Systems
Did you know that Nashville’s health care industry generates more than $84 billion in revenue and more than 500,000 jobs globally? This discussion uncovered the story of privatized health care in the U.S.A and the evolution of health care in Canada and Latin America. Our speakers tackled challenges in health care industry reform; and innovative tech enhancements brought about by digitally-fueled world. With tectonic research and comparison, these experts have spent time abroad investigating patterns, trends & best practices of international health systems to improve the quality of operations, elevate care and save lives.


Jamie Lee
Nashville Healthcare Council

Guest Speaker
Milton Johnson
HCA Healthcare

8. Panel Discussion

William Cheek

The Continental Cocktail: Influences and Changes in the Spirits and Beer Industry Across the Americas
In conjunction with industry leaders from Ole Smokey Distillery, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and George Dickel Distillery, this panel covered the complex and changing industry of the ever evolving and ultra-competitive space of Beer and Spirits in a world of customers who are anything but loyal. With a focus on changes in attitudes, and expectations for stillers and distributors, our panelists shared industry stories, and revealed data, technology, and the best practices when striving for success in this cutthroat and complicated market.


  • Joe Baker
    Ole Smokey Distillery, East TN

  • Rodney Benkovich
    Site Director
    George Dickel Distillery at Diageo

  • Carolina Borja
    Global Legal Manager - Competition

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