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Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP

John J. Dedyo

John J. Dedyo



  • Capital Markets and Securities
  • Asset-Backed Securitization
  • Derivatives
  • Corporate

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Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
New York, U.S.A.


John is a seasoned structured finance lawyer who regularly represents issuers, underwriters, lenders, asset managers, rating agencies, credit enhancers and investors in all aspects of privately placed and publicly offered securitization transactions, including fintech and direct lending transactions.

John’s practice includes the securitization of a broad range of asset types, including auto loans, rental car fleets, unsecured consumer receivables such as marketplace loans and credit card receivables, middle market loans and other direct lending products, US and foreign trade receivables, factoring receivables, commercial loans, high-yield bonds, equipment leases, commercial and residential mortgages, home equity loans, insurance broker commissions, health care receivables, structured settlements, life settlements, cross-border electronic money transfers, repurchase agreements and residual interests in securitizations.

He also has extensive experience in resecuritization and repackaging transactions and in restructuring asset-backed securities (ABS), commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) and other structured finance transactions, including structured investment vehicles (SIVs) and extendable commercial paper conduits.

Relevant Experience

  • Represented a non-bank direct lender in a securitization to finance originations of loans to middle market companies.

  • Represent numerous investment funds in purchases and securitizations of loans originated on marketplace lending platforms.

  • Represented the structuring agent and investor in a securitization of revolving consumer loans originated on a fintech platform.

  • Represents issuers, underwriters, financial guarantors and rating agencies in numerous term and warehouse auto loan securitizations.
  • Represents issuers, rating agencies and investors in numerous revolving and term securitizations of credit card receivables.
  • Represents issuers and financial guarantors in numerous equipment lease securitizations.
  • Represented the underwriters in a term securitization of insurance brokerage commissions.
  • Represented the issuer in a structured secured loan facility backed by shipping container leases.
  • Represents originators and rating agencies in various securitizations of structured settlement receivables.
  • Represents originators and investors in various securitizations of lottery prize receivables.
  • Represents lenders and originators in various asset-backed loan facilities to finance portfolios of life settlements.
  • Represented the sponsor in several commercial mortgage backed securitizations (CMBS).
  • Represents sponsors and asset managers in transactions to repackage and resecuritize asset backed and mortgage backed securities.
  • Represented a financial guarantor in a repackaging transaction to finance future policy draw obligations under its guaranty of several distressed CDO securities.
  • Represents originators and lenders in securitizations of trade receivables, including receivables generated by: sales of coal by a mining company, sales of chemicals by chemical companies and sales of advertising by a major media company.
  • Represented bank and independent sponsors of asset-backed commercial paper conduits.
  • Represents originators in mitigating and settling legacy exposure under numerous residential mortgage backed securitizations.
  • Represented a rating agency in Dodd-Frank compliance matters.
  • Represents asset managers and sponsors on Dodd-Frank credit risk retention.
  • Represents strategic and private equity buyers and sellers in the use of securitization as acquisition financing and regarding the structured financing aspects of corporate transactions.


BA, University of Pennsylvania, 1985
Areas of Practice

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