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Proventis Partners Holding GmbH

Rainer Wieser

Rainer Wieser

Managing Partner

Proventis Partners Holding GmbH

tel: +49 89 38888130
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For Rainer Wieser, a crucial factor for the success in the M&A and corporate finance business is a comprehensive preparation marked by its high quality. For this reason, the man of the first hour in Munich's Proventis office takes the time for each project to understand what the customer needs and to align these with the realities of the market. The business economist was thus able to successfully complete a number of transactions, particularly in the chemicals, energy, the IT and the environmental sector.

Wieser's customers don't just benefit from his extensive understanding of financial, legal and tax matters, but also often from his specialist sector knowledge. Thanks to this know-how, shareholders of medium-sized companies who sold their companies have already been able to get decent enterprise evaluations. In each case, Wieser, born in 1965, finds the tailored solution - thanks to thorough preparation. Rainer Wieser is not afraid of warning his customers at the start of cooperation against exaggerated expectations and of naming realistic target figures. He is convinced that honesty is one of the most important qualities in the business, along with the ability to actually meet the goals once they are agreed upon. After work, the Bavarian is also often seen cycling the rounds.

Selected Transactions:
- Financing and Recapitalization of Addcon
- Mezzanine-Financing of AWR by MBG Mittelstaendische Beteiligungsgesellschaft
- Business Advisory of Hybris
- MBO Advisory and Financing of Annova


Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Munich University of Applied Sciences
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