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New Regulation on Location Permit 

by Vincent Lie, Towy Aryanosa, Anastasia Anggita

Published: November, 2019

Submission: November, 2019


Over the past years, the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/ Head of the National Land Agency (“Minister”) has issued several regulations on location permits due to the progressive system established by the government for the efficiency of investments and licensing. After the Online Single Submission (“OSS”) system became applicable, the Minister issued Regulation No. 14 of 2018 on Location Permits (“Regulation 14/2018”), as the first regulation on location permits accommodating the OSS system.

As the OSS system is continuously being developed, which is the OSS version 1.1 has been introduced since 11 November 2019, and in order to improve efficiency in the Location Permit procedure, the Minister recently issued Regulation No. 17 of 2019 on Location Permits (“Regulation 17/2019”/”New Location Permit Regulation”), replacing Regulation 14/2018.

Regulation 17/2019 still recognizes the two types of Location Permit: (i) Location Permits with Commitments; and (ii) Location Permits without Commitments. The New Location Permit Regulation emphasizes the difference between these two types of Location Permits. Although in general, a lot of provisions remain the same, several adjustments in the new regulation are noteworthy.


Written by Vincent Ariesta Lie, Towy Aryanosa, and Anastasia Anggita, read about the key provisions of the new regulation by clicking this link.


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