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Central America: Tax Amendments and Opportunities
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, August 2019

Reform is in the air for Central America’s tax systems. Alfredo Rodríguez, Diego Martín ­Menjívar, Armando Manzanares,Carlos Taboada and Diego Salto Van der Laatof Consortium Legal take a look. Central America’s tax systems have certainly evolved over the past few years. Looking ahead, the need to increase fiscal revenues and the lack of modernised systems will trigger further reforms in most of the countries...

El Salvador: Elements of Arbitration Clauses in International contracts
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, July 2019

Dating back to the historical conquests of Alexander the Great in the years 300 B.C., which provided an unprecedented foundation for commercial exchanges between Macedonia, Persia and Egypt, along with the Mongolian Empire’s ambitious Silk Road that ensured, since 130 B.C...

El Salvador: Government Efforts To Improve Investment Climate Should Increase
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, March 2015

Private sector, investors and experts agree that the Government of El Salvador has to improve the business climate to attract more national and foreign investment that would contribute to increase the Gross Domestic Product and improve in this way the living conditions of the population...

El Salvador: The Adaptation of Intellectual Property to Artificial Intelligence
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, June 2019

A few years ago artificial intelligence was a concept applied to nothing else but science fiction films, nowadays, it has become a reality for many companies and industries in the development of their commercial, corporate and industrial activities. Before we start to understand the strengths or weaknesses of artificial intelligence and its perspective from the right of intellectual property, it is considered convenient to conceptualize it...

El Salvador: The Vertical Solution
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, April 2019

1525, the year in which the city of San Salvador was founded under the orders of Pedro de Alvarado, in Las Bermudas Valley, a place located between the city of Suchitoto and the city of San Pedro Perulapan. At this moment, you may probably be thinking “Las Bermudas Valley? That place does not ring a bell to me, I thought that San Salvador was founded where our current historical city center is located.” The answer is both yes and no at the same time...

Electric Sector in El Salvador
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, July 2019

At the end of the 19th century, mechanisms that transformed natural resources into energy began. The conception of electricity as a private good, which fosters economies of scale and the promotion of transmission and generation megaprojects in the sector, consciously and interestedly omit sustainable energy alternatives from a social and environmental point of view. The causes that leave aside this type of projects are based on the lack of economic profitability for investment interests...

New Tax Legislation Creates Controversy and Upset In El Salvador
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, September 2014

The approval of amendments to the Tax Code and the creation of new taxes have caused upset and criticism among business sectors in El Salvador, accusations that they will affect competitiveness and a better economic performance, and lead to an increased cost of living...

The Chargeback of the Salvadoran Consumer Law
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, August 2019

As of August 7th, 2018, the amendments of the Consumer Protection Law (CPL), which includes for the first time, the consumer protection in the field of electronic commerce (e-commerce), taking that as the contracting process or the goods, services and commercial information trading through data communication webs...

The Commercial Value of a Brand as an Intangible Good in El Salvador
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, May 2019

The incorporation of the Law on Security Interests in El Salvador has the objective to create a registry for security interests, that is to say, the inscription of the security interests’ creation, modification, extension, termination and execution, as well as the publicity of these instruments. The Commercial Value that some brands have, plays a very important role and represents, for some entrepreneurs, a mechanism which enables them to access credits...

The Legal Regime of Tax Returns in El Salvador
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, April 2018

Speaking of compliance with tax obligations comes to our mind the duty to pay taxes (noun) as the Tax on the Transfer of Goods and Provision of Services (VAT) or Income Tax (ISR), which undoubtedly It is true; but equally certain it is that with the payment obligation exists another set of obligations formal or adjective. In this dual context of formal and substantive tax obligations, is of great relevance filing tax returns...

Why Do Signings Appoint For Young Attorneys?
Consortium Legal - El Salvador, March 2017

Today, we are at a time where two-generation professionals are actively developing and competing with each other within their own career. The well-known "millenials" or generation "Y", born according to some analysts between the years 1981 to 1999, and where the majors of this generation are already in the 36 years of life, and those of the generation X...



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