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Evaluation Methods to Leave Behind in 2016

As we review the fourth quarter of 2016, clean out the old and organize the new, we should also take a moment to revisit the relevancy of evaluation methods and objectives from the past year.

HITS, HITS, HITS: Often we are impressed by the statistics thrown across the media to promote success, worldwide, LinkedIn had an average of 106.46 million unique hits..., the problem is your firm is not LinkedIn, your objective is not hits and your audience is not the world in general so how can you possibly compare to those statistics to justify success. Of course, you do need hits, but today’s average reader (your client) jumps around quickly to different sites, and they efficiently collect feedback from multiple sources for multiple reasons to reach their conclusions simply because they can. It’s time to let go of the idea that your site alone is the key resource and embrace an inclusive integrated approach to evaluating what your client analyzes and considers. Use a holistic approach to define specific objectives and expectations that are reasonable for your firm.

Enough about me; What do you think of me?: Let’s face it, all firms out there are their own LinkedIn. On the firm website, every attorney is represented in CV format with a laundry list of impressive accomplishments in life. That’s great, but when a client lands on an attorney’s profile on the firm website, they have already assumed that the person is qualified; this is a direct reflection of their opinion of the firm. Clients want a more expansive approach to understanding their representatives from both a relationship perspective (good fit) and relevant hands on experience. Clients want their representatives to be a partner in their success. To do this, repurpose all your strategies from ego-focused to client-focused to represent the best fit that proves to create mutual success.

Digital marketing changes extremely quickly, but if you can periodically check in to the client expectation and industry approach, you will be better equipped to stay competitive when trends shift.

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