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Chairman's Objectives 2016-2017

I am honored to be the WSG Chairman for 2016 – 2017 and look forward to an exciting year serving the organization.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Chairman Emeritus, Gary Assim of Shoosmiths, for his tremendous work this past year as Chairman. Gary led the organization during an important transition year, and during his tenure WSG achieved several important milestones, including: (a) the addition of new members in New York, People’s Republic of China, and Singapore, (b) the strengthening of our ranks in accounting and investment banking, (c) and the opening of a new relationship with Santander Bank. I know Gary will continue to be a great supporter of WSG as Chairman Emeritus, and we are grateful for his commitment, hard work and travel over many years to WSG.

During my Chairmanship, I intend to build on the advances and successes achieved in the past year, while focusing on a few things of particular interest and concern. First, I will look to strengthen our membership in North America, and particularly in the United States, where I know we can get stronger and where the market presents unique issues. We will continue to recruit top ranked firms in local markets, while looking for regional opportunities in several states where the circumstances so warrant. I will be working closely with our Global Ambassador Robert Falvey and the North American members of the board of directors and regional committee on this initiative. However, I welcome input from WSG members around the world (and in particular outside the US) based on your professional experience and relationships with law firms in the region.

WSG is well positioned to be an important global voice in connection with global commerce, armed with over 19,000 professionals from over 130 member firms in over 145 jurisdictions around the world. During my term, I intend to continue to support and promote increasing the level of collaboration between member firms, whether in the form of referrals, collaboration on client projects, preparation of articles, exchange of younger associates between member firms and many other opportunities. To this effect, the WSG website continues to improve and evolve, and is a great platform to distribute content from your firm. I encourage you to submit your articles, white papers and press releases to WSG for enhanced coverage. Our WSG staff is well positioned to spot trends and highlight the specialized knowledge of our member firms.

Finally, we need your help to better capture the sizeable collaboration among member firms around the world. WSG has a convenient on-line Referral Tracker on its site and it takes very little time to record your deals, litigation and other forms of collaboration with member firms. This improved data will not only help us with enhanced branding, but also with recruiting top rated professional firms to join our network who are obviously interested in the level of referrals between firms. Mindful that leadership must come from the top, I have asked our WSG board of directors to use the Referral Tracker in anticipation of every board meeting and I am shooting for 100% board participation by the end of my term among the member firms represented on the board.

I look forward to seeing you throughout the course of this year. I am always eager to receive your input as how to improve the network and hence please feel free to contact me with your thoughts.


Larry B. Pascal
Chairman, World Services Group


WSG Mission

WSG is the globally recognized resource for professionals and their clients to receive the highest quality, value and service from legal, investment banking and accounting services. WSG provides members the ability to create new business opportunities and relationships to better serve their clients. WSG enables its members to be professionally competitive in a global multidisciplinary services environment.

WSG Vision

WSG is the leader in integrating legal, investment banking, and accounting services to better serve clients worldwide.


WSG's members are independent firms and are not affiliated in the joint practice of professional services. Each member exercises its own individual judgments on all client matters.

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