Build the Equation

We know the traditional aspects of a network can be and are easily imitated by many: a single representative for a firm, face-to-face meetings, shared office space, and more, but WSG is not a conventional network. Make your experts standout, reach out to practice area/industry activist to get to know their counterparts at conference gatherings exclusively for WSG members; use the unmatched digital platform. Get the message out to your principals, WSG is a network that can adapt to fast changing client and industry expectations.
Tips on how to develop the equation:
• Bring your influencers together and use member referral successes to help build a group or committee that will champion WSG.
• Extend meeting attendance beyond just one person and set up a time to discuss post meeting feedback.
• Tie in digital aspects of the network. Explain and distribute benefits of WSG digital resources and information readily available to leverage this advantage.
As a network that rises above with our platform of innovation and digital distinctiveness, get more out of WSG beyond your typical, traditional network memberships. Take the conventional outlook on meeting attendance, and transform it with strategic meeting participation. Know who your WSG champions are, reach out to them, expand the group and let us know how we can help.

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