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Shoospeak HR podcast - Episode 29: Immigration support for Ukrainians

Our Shoospeak HR podcast welcomes special guest Pavan Sumal who explains the options open to Ukrainians looking to flee the current conflict. Shoosmiths colleagues Andy Graham and Amy Leech...More


Ukraine: Available visa routes for individuals and employers

The government have introduced various visa concessions for Ukrainian citizens affected by the conflict. Legal director of immigration, Rachel Harvey and Pavan Sumal, associate specialising...More


Moratorium on bankruptcy 2022

The Government of the Russian Federation has adopted Resolution No. 497 dated March 28, 2022, which es-tablishes a large-scale moratorium on bankruptcy from April 1. Meanwhile, earlier on...More


Russia and Ukraine: What employers need to know

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, many individuals are being called up to defend their home countries. This has left employers wondering whether they are...More


Conflict and sanctions – key considerations for contracts

Here we look at some of the possible avenues to explore in relation to contracts governed by English law if you are affected by events unfolding in Ukraine. Reviewing your contracts might...More


General overview of the new legislative initiative and unpublished draft law “On External Administration for Company Management”

This newsletter gives you a very important update on a draft law re. mandatory sale of enterprises (including their assets) that refused to continue their business in Russia and that are...More


IP and Data Protection checklist for international businesses in Russia: issues that should be taken into account in times of sanctions

In light of the current geopolitical situation, the severe US and EU sanctions, and Russian counter sanctions imposed in response, many international companies have already announced their...More


  Practical Considerations About Your Russian IP

By Jeffrey Wolfson March 22, 2022 In the wake of financial sanctions by the United States, the United Kingdom, EU nations, and various other countries against...More


Sanctions on Russia – a reasonable endeavours obligation in a force majeure clause does not require a party to accept non-contractual performance

By Glenn Kangisser Shu Shu Wong March 11, 2022 Earlier this month, the English Commercial Court upheld an appeal from an arbitration in MUR Shipping BV...More


The impact of recent Russian sanctions on European lenders and English law governed financings

 Economic sanctions The sanctions imposed by the UK, European Union and US following the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia target the Russian economy. Whilst Russia is the largest...More


Cyber – Should I be worried about Ukraine?

What we know about the cybersecurity risks arising from the Ukraine, steps UK organisations should consider taking now, the insurance position and novel issues that might arise from...More


UK visa options for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict

We take a look at the options open for Ukrainian nationals fleeing to come to the UK and what you can do to help. The requirements for each are summarised below: 1. Ukraine Family Scheme ...More

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Crossing the border and reuniting families (Guide for citizens of Ukraine)

Another concise guide: How long does legal residence last in Poland? How to extend it? How to bring family members to Poland? In Ukrainian, Polish and English. The guide has been prepared by...More


Residing and working in Poland (Guide for citizens of Ukraine)

Our brief guide explains the possibilities for entry, legalisation of work and legalisation of stay of Ukrainian citizens in Poland. It also covers the rules for bringing their families to Poland. ...More

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If you are a Ukrainian lawyer or law student in need of assistance to continue practicing or studying, feel free to contact us with information that can be used to assist you.