World Services Group is the most prominent global network of independent firms that provides an exclusive setting and platform to connect its members to the most elite legal firms and their multinational clients worldwide. Additionally, WSG provides cross industry access to a select few investment banking and accounting firms creating more expansive opportunities to service clients. For further information about becoming a member, please contact WSG at, [email protected]

WSG Membership

World Services Group is comprised of over 120 prominent firms representing multinational clients worldwide. Members act in over 150 jurisdictions with over 23,000 professionals globally.

WSG members have an established record of standing and client success. Only firms of the highest quality principles, recognized expertise and excellent client service are given the opportunity to be considered. Firm membership is subject to review across multiple leadership channels and is selected based on strict objective standards established by the Board of Directors including:

  • Having unparalleled depth of practical experience, knowledge and expertise with proven success
  • Having the highest professional reputation within the industry
  • Being considered among leading national, regional and/or international firms
WSG is a non-exclusive organization and members may belong to other associations, networks or alliances.

Join WSG

WSG is a non-exclusive organization. Members may belong to other associations, networks, or alliances. While membership to WSG is primarily by invitation, a firm may approach WSG directly. Members are typically nominated by a current member and are selected based upon strict objective standards. Each nomination must be agreed to by all members of the jurisdiction and the Board of Directors. If all membership criteria are met, a firm may be invited to apply.

Membership Process:

  1. Nomination: Firm nominated by WSG member and interviewed
  2. Regional Review: Firm evaluated by regional members
  3. Application: Firm submits application and application fees
  4. Board Review: Board evaluation and discussion
  5. Board Vote: Formal vote of the Board of Directors
  6. Approval: Applicant informed of Board decision

Value of Membership

Built upon a platform of innovation and technology, WSG provides better packaged services that include membership for all firm professionals, providing more value compared to the traditional competitor. Member dues are set by the Board of Directors and are classified by service industry and jurisdiction representation.

Member Protocols

WSG is the world leading association of independent professional services firms. The Members operate independently and are not responsible for each other’s work or business. However, Members are expected to provide excellent service and adhere to the following WSG Membership Protocols.

  1. Performance/Service Delivery
    1. Each Member shall commit to provide excellent service to member inquiries as provided by their own client service standards in English, and through electronic and/or telephone to ensure prompt response.
    2. Member contacts designated as main, primary, secondary or liaison contacts will provide clear and prompt acknowledgement of any member inquiry within 24 hours of the initial request together with a timeframe for providing confirmation of requested service.
    3. Free Advice Policy: Members shall provide up to 30 minutes of free initial general guidance to other members. This policy is not applicable if the Member is conflicted, research is required, documents are to be reviewed or any opinion is provided that the consulting Member uses as a work product.
    4. In the event that an initial communication develops into an engagement, the following principles will be adhered to:
      1. Members receiving the referral will provide, upon request, an engagement letter which will clarify the scope of services, how the fees will be determined, calculated and billed.
      2. Members receiving the referral will provide the details of the principal professionals inclusive of key support staff.
      3. Members must consider alternative fee arrangements when requested to do so.
      4. Members receiving the referral are obliged to render invoices properly.
      5. Members receiving the referral are obliged to provide status or progress reports wherever requested.
  2. Technology & Infrastructure
    1. WSG Members are required to have professionals and staff who are fluent in written and spoken English in addition to their local language. They will also have access to resources for linguistic capability in other languages, whenever required
    2. Free Office Policy: The "Free Office Policy" makes available offices, conference rooms, telephones, fax machines and secretarial support within reason at other members' offices to all members with a need while traveling on business. Effectively, this policy gives each member access to offices worldwide.
    3. Members shall have 24/7 access to internet.
    4. WSG members are committed to provide and use the following for effective communication:
      1. Each professional should have access to the Internet and have their own e-mail address.
      2. The firm must use office software that supports the compatible exchange of files and data as generally used by the industry in which it operates
      3. The firm will have anti-virus protection and a system for regular back-ups.
      4. Voicemail with English language prompts
  3. Member Commitment to World Services Group
    1. WSG Member firms commit to their WSG membership through the promotion of their membership including the following recommended protocols:
      1. Providing current designated WSG contacts within the firm
      2. Adding the logo, description and link of WSG to their website
      3. Current upkeep of firm information on the WSG website
      4. Acknowledgement of WSG membership in firm boilerplate for press releases
      5. Input and use of the WSG referral tracker for member collaborations
      6. Participation in designated WSG discussion groups for members
    2. Members' active contacts endeavor to keeping the Member firm internally informed of developments within WSG and opportunities to contribute to active participation and leadership among WSG and its members.
    3. Each Member of WSG shall endeavor to ensure attendance to at least one regional, annual or practice group meeting annually.
    4. WSG members will be evaluated for their service performance and adherence to these policies periodically, and this will impact their continuing membership in WSG.