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Your Firm’s Online Reputation and WSG

Your Firm’s Online Reputation and WSG

In the professional services industry, having a good reputation is critical to ensuring trust from clients and referral sources and to building your firm’s business. This includes your online reputation. Many decision makers, including in-house counsel, research firms online before deciding to do business with them. Do you know what they’ll find when they search for your firm and professionals?

The bottom line: The Internet gives everyone a voice and there are steps you can take to actively manage your online reputation and help ensure that your firm is portrayed in the most favorable light. We’ve provided some top tips on how to build a more positive and resilient online presence – and best leverage WSG resources to support your efforts.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

If you’re not already monitoring your online presence, start by ensuring that all the information on your firm’s site, social media platforms, industry directories and review sites is up-to-date, accurate, consistent and professional. Next, implement a plan to regularly monitor your firm name through searches (e.g., Google Alerts and Twitter Advanced Search) and sites that provide reviews within your industry. Remember that the names and reputations of firm leadership and professionals should be monitored too.

Feed the Machine
When a client, referral source or member of the media conducts a search on you and your firm, you want to be sure that what they see is accurate and reflects your knowledge, expertise and experience. The best ways to ensure this are to leverage the following tactics:

Content Marketing: Develop and publish a regular stream of relevant and targeted content across platforms such as websites, blogs, digital publications and other online forums including the WSG site.

Social Media: Social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ provide opportunities for your firm to engage with key audiences and drive discussion on topics and issues most important to you.

Press: News and articles published by respected sources and on the WSG site can provide a big boost to your online presence and help to fortify your reputation.

SEO: A successful SEO strategy ensures that your firm’s website is visible earlier in search engine results and that you are providing the most relevant information for the client.
Industry Directories and Review Websites: Listings in prominent industry directories establish credibility for your firm and aid in search results by associating your firm with a respected and trusted source.

Request feedback: We know there are many barriers to gaining and sharing client feedback, but if you are able to garner testimonials (and they are within ethical conduct) they can go a long way to boost your online reputation.

Leverage WSG

Leverage what you already have. WSG provides members with many opportunities to enhance their online presence. WSG has over 500,000 indexed website pages which include in-depth profiles, information and content from top-ranking firms and highly respected professionals across over 140 jurisdictions. Together WSG’s online presence and the strength and quality of the network can provide a boost to your firm’s search results and online reputation. Consider further utilizing the Network with the following:

  • WSG’s Import Module automatically updates your professional profiles on the WSG site with the latest information from your site, providing another source of consistent and accurate online information.

  • By posting firm news, articles and blogs to the WSG site, you’re further fueling search results and getting positive information about your firm in front of a larger audience.

  • When firm professionals join practice and industry groups and actively contribute through discussion forums and posting blogs, they’re helping to build their own online presence.

  • Contributing success stories to the WSG website provides additional opportunities to exhibit firm successes and collaborations.

  • WSG Alliance Partner, Interact Marketing, provides in-depth expertise and services to help firms better leverage the latest digital marketing techniques and WSG.


In summary, when it comes to online reputation management the “best defense is a good offense” and WSG will continue to look for ways to best support your online reputation management efforts. Even by implementing some of the recommendations included in this article, you can impact how your firm is positioned online.

To learn more about how WSG and Alliance Partner Interact Marketing can help you to manage your online reputation, contact WSG Marketing at 713.650.0333 or [email protected]

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