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What do you get when you're "Represented by Schwabe"? Innovative solutions from lawyers who know every deal has a dream and every risk an opportunity. A committed team that understands your industry and cares about your business. And the comprehensive resources of one of the Pacific Northwest's top law firms.

Our lawyers provide exceptional legal counsel, and that's critical. But our value goes beyond that. We don't sit around and wait for the phone to ring. We get out of the office and put on hard hats to meet clients where they are, in their industries. This helps us see around corners, spot trends and navigate approaching challenges before they become problems. That's why clients put us in the leadership circle and consider us partners in the business. Our understanding of six key industry sectors - Healthcare; Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail; Natural Resources; Real Estate and Construction; Technology; and Transportation, Ports and Maritime - allows us to help clients achieve success through ideas, advice, and exceptional legal counsel.

With more than 175 attorneys in eight offices, we are among the largest law firms in the region. Clients from start-ups and entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500 count on us for full-spectrum legal services to help them achieve goals throughout their business lives.

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Further Briefing Requested Regarding Scope of Bruckner’s Challenge

As we discussed in prior updates, on July 13, 2022, Christian Bruckner filed a lawsuit in the federal district court in Tampa, Florida, seeking to enjoin the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s set-aside of 10% (around $37 billion) of transportation funding for “small business concerns” owned and controlled by “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals...

DOD Issues Final Rule on SBA Joint Venture Eligibility

On October 28, 2022, the Department of Defense’s amendments to FAR 52.212-3 and FAR 52.219-1 became effective. These changes amended the Federal Acquisition Regulations to be in line with prior changes by the SBA to its mentor-protégé program, and recognize that a mentor-protégé joint venture qualifies for a socioeconomic program (8(a), HUBZone, WOSB, etc.) if one of the parties to the joint venture meets the associated requirements of the socioeconomic program...

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How Schwabe attorneys help Pacific Northwest clients navigate act of God clauses that reflect current realities

Force majeure clauses are routinely written into contracts to limit both parties’ liabilities in the case of unforeseen events, such as hurricanes or terrorist attacks. These "act of God" clauses were generally boilerplate language to which no one really paid much attention. Then the Covid-19 pandemic exploded across the globe, with government mandated shutdowns of businesses and construction projects, followed by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, not to mention a possible recession and the specter of new Covid strains...

Leveraging Solar and Stand-Alone Development Incentives in the Federal Inflation Act

In August, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law (H.R. 5376), providing both personal income and business investment tax credit for the installation of solar generating capacity and stand-alone energy storage.  Perhaps most importantly, the IRA provides new tax credits for energy storage development in an attempt to address the intermittent nature of renewable energy. For energy industry leaders, these programs create opportunity to expand and reduce the cost of renewable energy sources as the nation continues its transition away from fossil fuels...

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