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Maricarmen Trujillo

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Robert Falvey



Houston, Texas


WSG is a network that brings together the full spectrum of leading professional services firms and companies. WSG offers unique tools and services that facilitate and create new business opportunities by allowing members immediate access to each other in order to provide their clients superior service.

WSG members are prominent state, national and international firms with the highest reputation within the business community. They have more than 18,000 professionals in 600 offices in 135 countries.

As the Interdisciplinary organization of independent service providers, WSG has been formed to:

- Create new business prospects and expand regional opportunities for members by offering immediate access to distinguished individuals and companies influencing business within areas of interest.

- Promote the exchange of information and common interests among professional service disciplines to create awareness and access to services across industries for the benefits of members and their clients.

- Provide systems that facilitate the communication and interaction among members worldwide and offer individual and firm members alternative methods of project scheduling and data transmission.

- Continually update our systems and information to the changing needs and expectations of our members creating the most up to date and useful forum in which to conduct and increase business among industries..

Year this Office was Established: 2002

Areas of Practice


Executive Management

Robert  Falvey

Robert Falvey

Maricarmen  Trujillo

Maricarmen Trujillo

Chief Operating Officer


Jordan  Chevalier

Jordan Chevalier

Arvind  Gupta

Arvind Gupta

Technical Lead
Victor  Le

Victor Le

Graphic Designer
WSG  Marketing

WSG Marketing

Office Administrator
Margaret  McHattie

Margaret McHattie

Events and Marketing Manager
Julia  Najjar

Julia Najjar

Carly  Norausky

Carly Norausky

Vice President of Marketing
Naomi  Robinson

Naomi Robinson

Marketing & Events Manager
Katie  Romero

Katie Romero

Event Manager
Lance  Young

Lance Young



Tien  Tran

Tien Tran

Web Developer
WSG  AdminTemp

WSG AdminTemp

Administrative Contact


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WSG Congratulates Member Winners of the Women in Business Law Awards 2022 Americas

World Services Group is honored to recognize member winners of the Women in Business Law Awards 2022 Americas. These prestigious awards recognize complex and innovative firm initiatives that promote women in law and the leading women practitioners from over 30 practice area specialties. WSG congratulates these winners that continue to represent the excellence standard in practice that is required of the WSG membership...

Quarles & Brady LLP Joins WSG as the New Exclusive Legal Member for Arizona and Wisconsin

World Services Group (WSG) is pleased to announce that Quarles & Brady LLP, a leading multidisciplinary law firm, has joined the WSG network for the jurisdictions of Arizona and Wisconsin. The addition of this prominent law firm exemplifies the purposeful global expansion of WSG membership. Founded in 1892, Quarles & Brady has approximately 475 lawyers in 10 offices throughout the United States...