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  1. Trump rejects Pelosi allegations of 'cover-up' in fiery Rose Garden statement, after infrastructure meeting with Dem leaders cut short  Fox News
  2. Deutsche Bank Can Release Trump Records to Congress, Judge Rules  The New York Times
  3. Trump Walks Out on Pelosi and Schumer After 3 Minutes  The New York Times
  4. Trump's House investigations tantrum proves Pelosi and Democrats are gaining momentum  NBC News
  5. Democrats aren't interested in legislating, and Trump knows it  Washington Examiner
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  1. Michael Avenatti charged with stealing $300,000 from former client Stormy Daniels  CNN
  2. Michael Avenatti indicted on charges of defrauding ex-client Stormy Daniels, identity theft  Fox News
  3. Michael Avenatti charged with stealing $300000 from Stormy Daniels  Editors Choice
  4. Michael Avenatti Is Charged With Stealing Nearly $300,000 From Stormy Daniels  The New York Times
  5. The media created and owns Michael Avenatti  Washington Examiner
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  1. New York Passes Bill Giving Congress a Way to Get Trump’s State Tax Returns  The New York Times
  2. NY state passes bill allowing Congress to request Trump's tax returns  CNN
  3. New York legislature approves bill giving Congress access to Trump’s state tax records  The Washington Post
  4. NY passes bill to let Congress see Trump's state tax returns  Fox News
  5. State Legislature poised to pass measure giving Congress access to Trump's taxes  New York Post
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  1. The trade war is forcing China to 'rethink economic ties' to the US  CNBC
  2. On China, Trump Leads a Coalition of the Unwilling  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Where Trump went wrong in the US-China trade war  CNN
  4. China Deserves Donald Trump  The New York Times
  5. U.S.-China Trade Clash Has Now Gone Global  Bloomberg
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  1. Justin Amash confirms collusion witch hunt was all about politics | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Romney's astonishing nonsense about Amash and Mueller  CNN
  3. Trump impeachment call from Rep. Amash 'very disturbing,' Kevin McCarthy says  Fox News
  4. Doug Schoen: Impeach Trump? It would be a profound mistake for Democrats to be goaded into it  Fox News
  5. Trump's Republican allies must respond to Justin Amash's impeachment call: Today's talker  USA TODAY
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Many Are Replacing Disability Checks With Paychecks  NPR

During and after the Great Recession, people turned to disability rolls in large numbers to make ends meet. This accelerated what had been going on for a ...

  1. Dog jumps out of moving vehicle, suspect detained after high-speed RV chase in LA  ABC News
  2. A wild police chase in California had multiple collisions and dogs leaping from a stolen RV  CNN
  3. RV chase in Los Angeles comes to violent end as woman taken into custody  CBS News
  4. Wild Pursuit of RV Through San Fernando Valley Ends With Crash; Driver in Custody  KTLA Los Angeles
  5. Woman Recklessly Drives Motor Home Through Los Angeles  CBS Miami
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  1. Nevada could become 15th state to ditch Electoral College in favor of popular vote  CBS News
  2. Nevada Senate passes National Popular Vote bill on party-line vote  Washington Times
  3. Nevada May Break Up With The Electoral College  NPR
  4. More and more states want the popular vote to decide the 2020 election. Nevada may be next.  The Washington Post
  5. Nevada to be 15th state to green-light plan awarding Electoral College votes to popular vote winner  Daily Mail
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  1. Pentagon mulling U.S. military request to send 5000 troops to...  Reuters
  2. Pentagon to present White House with plans to deploy up to 10K troops to Middle East: report | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Pentagon to brief on plan that could send thousands of additional US troops to Middle East  CNN
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  1. School district rescinds job offer for fired cafeteria worker after student's parents accuse her of cover-up  NBC News
  2. Lunch lady fired for giving food to student accused of cover-up and lying  New York Daily News
  3. Lunch lady fired for giving a student free food 'hadn't charged him for THREE months' employer says  Daily Mail
  4. New Hampshire cafeteria worker, fired for giving boy free lunch, is shocked employer called her 'dishonest'  NBC News
  5. Fired lunchroom worker hadn't charged student for 3 months, her former employer says  CNN
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  1. Theresa May holds on, but House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom resigns  The Washington Post
  2. Brexit: Theresa May resists calls from MPs to resign  BBC News
  3. May says rejecting new Brexit deal risks more 'division and deadlock'  Guardian News
  4. The Guardian view on Theresa May’s final act: nowhere left to fail  The Guardian
  5. Theresa May’s Swan Song Sadly Falls Flat  Bloomberg
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  1. Juncker lashes out at 'stupid nationalists' on eve of European elections  CNN
  2. European Parliament elections 2019: a test for far-right populism  Vox.com
  3. The EU's New Headache: Skeptics Are Poised to Gain Power From Within  The Wall Street Journal
  4. I’m standing to be an MEP because voters deserve more than a sticking plaster for Brexit  The Independent
  5. Populists, nationalists again test their strength in pan-European vote  Los Angeles Times
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More Than 1000 Holocaust Victims Are Buried In Belarus After Mass Grave Discovered  NPR

The remains emerged at a construction site in January. "I think it's very late, but better late than never," said Marcel Drimer, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor.

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  1. Britain loses UN vote over Chagos islands  Aljazeera.com
  2. Chagos Islands dispute: UN backs end to UK control  BBC News
  3. Britain routed in UN vote on Chagos  Daily Mail
  4. Chagos Islands: UN officially demands Britain and US withdraw from Indian Ocean archipelago  The Independent
  5. Britain must give back Chagos Islands to Mauritius  Quartz
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  1. Latest retail results show department stores need more than touch-ups. They need reinvention  CNBC
  2. Why Target is crushing it (it's very simple to understand)  Yahoo Finance
  3. Target: Expect More From This Retailer  Seeking Alpha
  4. Target Sales Boosted by Store Remodels, Digital Shift  The Wall Street Journal
  5. Target's digital growth soars, smashes profit expectations  Star Tribune
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  1. Qualcomm Leans on Appeals, Trump Help to Reverse FTC Order  Yahoo Finance
  2. Qualcomm is a monopoly and must renegotiate deals, judge rules  CNET
  3. The smartphone industry could completely change after Qualcomm's disastrous ruling  CNN
  4. Qualcomm’s Day of Reckoning May Have Arrived  Bloomberg
  5. US Judge Slams Qualcomm, Rules Its Patent Licensing Terms Are Anticompetitive And Illegal  Hot Hardware
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  1. Trump's Huawei ban may leave the tech giant up a creek without a paddle for its next 2 major smartphones  Business Insider
  2. The Huawei Ban: Explained!  Marques Brownlee
  3. Google's problems in China are bigger than Huawei  CNET
  4. The Huawei Ban Is Worth the Pain  Bloomberg
  5. By targeting China, US heightens risk of another cold war  South China Morning Post
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  1. Shares of Victoria's Secret-owner L Brands spike nearly 11% after beating earnings expectations  CNBC
  2. Victoria’s Secret Owner Soars 15% as Beauty Chain Boosts Sales  Yahoo Finance
  3. Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: L Brands, Avon and NetApp  CNBC
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  1. Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote will detail iOS 13, macOS 10.15, and more on June 3  Ars Technica
  2. Apple invites press to WWDC 2019 keynote, iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 unveil expected  9to5Mac
  3. 6 paid apps on sale for free on May 22nd  BGR
  4. Apple Sends Out Media Invites for WWDC Keynote on June 3  Mac Rumors
  5. Apple sends out WWDC 2019 keynote invites to Mac and iOS developers  CNET
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Xbox One: The best backward compatible games  Polygon

The Xbox One now plays tons of Xbox 360 and original Xbox games, including Halo, Gears of War, Crackdown, Fable, and more. We list some of the best ...

  1. Amazon, Best Buy issue steeper price cuts on MacBook Pros  AppleInsider
  2. Apple redesigns keyboard in new MacBook Pro update and promises quick repairs on sticky keys  CBS News
  3. Apple’s new MacBook keyboard fix is reassuring and worrying at the same time  The Verge
  4. Editorial: Reporting about the MacBook Pro is failing at a faster rate than the butterfly keyboard  AppleInsider
  5. Apple will fix your broken keyboard  CNET
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  1. Seven years later, the OUYA is dead for real  TechCrunch
  2. Razer closing Ouya store, officially killing the console  Polygon
  3. Ouya will be shut down for good on June 25th  The Verge
  4. Crowdfunded gaming console Ouya will shut down for good on June 25th  Engadget
  5. Remember Ouya? It's Shutting Down on June 25  Droid Life
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  1. Aladdin Review  IGN
  2. The lifeless Disney remake Aladdin can’t muster the original’s magic  The A.V. Club
  3. 'Aladdin' director, cast on Will Smith's Genie: 'He didn't want to be insensitive to the memory of Robin Williams'  Yahoo Movies
  4. Aladdin Made Me Feel Like a Kid Again  Gizmodo
  5. It’s Impossible to Take the New Aladdin Seriously  The Atlantic
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  1. How Game of Thrones Made Monsters of Us All  The National Interest Online
  2. Poll: Most 'Game of Thrones' Viewers Liked Finale Despite Online Outrage  Hollywood Reporter
  3. Maisie Williams Says There’s One More Character She Wishes Arya Had Killed in ‘Game of Thrones’  Yahoo Lifestyle
  4. 27 Unpopular Opinions About The "Game Of Thrones" Finale  BuzzFeed
  5. HBO boss shoots down the possibility of a Game of Thrones sequel, saying it "doesn’t make sense"  GamesRadar
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  1. J.J. Abrams' The Rise of Skywalker Won't Look Like the Original Star Wars Movies  Slate
  2. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes Cover Story  Vanity Fair
  3. 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker': New photos, plus everything we learned from the Vanity Fair preview  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. Star Wars 9: THIS is the time jump between Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker - CONFIRMED  Express
  5. Kathleen Kennedy explains why MCU approach won't work for Star Wars  SYFY WIRE
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  1. Daniel Craig to undergo ankle surgery after getting injured on the 'Bond 25' movie set  AOL
  2. Daniel Craig to undergo ankle surgery after 'Bond' on-set injury  Fox News
  3. Daniel Craig to Undergo Ankle Surgery After ‘Bond 25’ Injury  Variety
  4. Daniel Craig to Undergo Ankle Surgery From James Bond Production Injury  Hollywood Reporter
  5. Daniel Craig undergoing ankle surgery after injury on 'Bond' set  Page Six
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  1. Howard returns to Michigan as new hoops coach  ESPN
  2. Juwan Howard becomes Michigan's new head coach | CBS Sports HQ  CBS Sports
  3. Juwan Howard not a slam dunk for Michigan, plenty of questions and risks  Detroit Free Press
  4. Opinion: Hiring Juwan Howard as Michigan basketball coach is a major risk  USA TODAY
  5. Sources - Howard in talks to be Michigan coach  ESPN
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  1. Golden State Warriors’ 5-year NBA Finals streak is amazing on every level  SB Nation
  2. This is the season of the massive comeback in the NBA  ESPN
  3. Here’s how Draymond Green lost all that weight for the playoffs  SF Gate
  4. Joe Lacob confident about Kevin Durant's status: 'He’s coming back now for the Finals'  Yahoo Sports
  5. 'How do you defend that?'- Scottie Pippen is amazed by Steph Curry during Blazers sweep | The Jump  ESPN
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  1. 2021 NFL Draft to be hosted in Cleveland  10TV
  2. NFL draft headed to Cleveland in 2021, KC in '23  ESPN
  3. Cleveland, Kansas City to host drafts in '21, '23  NFL.com
  4. Kansas City awarded 2023 NFL draft  KMBC Kansas City
  5. Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam responds to Cleveland selected as host city for 2021 draft  Cleveland Browns
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  1. Chris Long Says He Used Marijuana Regularly During Playing Career  12up
  2. Chris Long reveals longtime marijuana use, how he beat NFL tests  New York Post
  3. Chris Long: 'I Certainly Enjoyed My Fair Share' of Marijuana During NFL career  Sports Illustrated
  4. Chris Long: 'I enjoyed my fair share' of marijuana throughout NFL career  Yahoo Sports
  5. Chris Long says he enjoyed his ‘fair share’ of marijuana during his NFL career  Eagles Wire
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  1. Billion-year-old fossils set back evolution of earliest fungi  Nature.com
  2. One billion year old fungi found is Earth's oldest  Phys.org
  3. Scientists Find One-Billion-Year-Old Fungus In the Canadian Arctic  VICE
  4. Billion-Year-Old Fossil Fungi, Oldest Known, Revises Broader Evolution Timeline - Dead Things : Dead Things  Discover Magazine
  5. Billion-year-old fossils may be early fungus  Ars Technica
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  1. Increase in CFC-11 emissions from eastern China based on atmospheric observations  Nature.com
  2. Ozone layer: Banned CFCs traced to China say scientists  BBC News
  3. Scientists Have Pinpointed the Mystery Source of an Ozone-Destroying Chemical  Gizmodo
  4. Mysterious spike of ozone-destroying chemical is traced to east China  The Washington Post
  5. China is shredding the ozone layer with banned chemical emissions, study says  USA TODAY
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Artificial photosynthesis transforms carbon dioxide into liquefiable fuels  Phys.org

Chemists at the University of Illinois have successfully produced fuels using water, carbon dioxide and visible light through artificial photosynthesis.

  1. NASA wants you to get your boarding pass to Mars  Engadget
  2. NASA Invites Public to Submit Names to Fly Aboard Next Mars Rover  NASA Planetary Science
  3. You Can Send Your Name to the Red Planet on NASA's Mars 2020 Rover  Space.com
  4. Get Your Boarding Pass To Mars  CBS Miami
  5. Massive Martian ice discovery opens a window into red planet's history  Phys.org
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  1. Congo's Ebola crisis threatens to spiral out of control  PBS NewsHour
  2. The Ebola response effort is struggling. Experts say these steps could help  STAT
  3. Congo violence sparks fears over UK Ebola response  The Guardian
  4. Third burial team attacked in DRC; Ebola infects another health worker  CIDRAP
  5. UK won't reveal how much aid it has given for the Ebola response – to protect health workers  The Telegraph
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Thousands of cancer diagnoses tied to a poor diet, study finds  CNN

More than 80000 new cancer cases among adults 20 and older in the United States in 2015 were attributable simply to eating a poor diet, according to a new ...

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  1. Algeria and Argentina are officially malaria-free, says World Health Organization  CNN
  2. Algeria and Argentina certified malaria-free by WHO  World Health Organization
  3. Algeria and Argentina officially deemed malaria-free by WHO  The Telegraph
  4. Malaria eliminated in Algeria and Argentina- WHO  Vanguard
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  1. U.S. measles outbreak spreads to Maine, 25th state to report case  Reuters
  2. Measles Had Been Eliminated. Now It’s Nearly a Daily Threat  WIRED
  3. Maine's first case of measles confirmed  WMTW Portland
  4. Anti-vaxxers threaten adults too | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Rabbis agree: Get vaccinated, already  New York Post
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