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  1. Immigration news: Supreme Court ruling raises fears about indefinite detention of immigrants  Vox.com
  2. Supreme Court hands Trump administration a victory in immigration battle  Fox News
  3. Trump gets a U.S. Supreme Court victory on immigration detention  Reuters
  4. Why court-packing is a really bad idea  The Washington Post
  5. Trump fires back at Dems' court-packing push: ‘It will never happen’  Fox News
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  1. Takeaways from the Michael Cohen search warrants  CNN
  2. Unsealed Cohen raid documents show FBI sought warrant for emails in July 2017 | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Newly Released Documents Show FBI Was Investigating Michael Cohen Long Before Raid | TIME  TIME
  4. FBI was investigating Cohen a year before raid, released documents show  New York Post
  5. What's in the Cohen warrant documents: Live updates  CNN
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  1. Trump threatens tougher sanctions on Venezuela  Washington Examiner
  2. Trump meets with Brazil's president: Live updates  CNN
  3. Brazil's President Bolsonaro on socialism, trade and Trump  Fox News
  4. Alongside Brazilian president, Trump hails ‘fake news’ bond  The Washington Post
  5. Trump and Bolsonaro Put Their Bromance to Its First Test  Bloomberg
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  1. Donald Trump's feud with McCain family escalates: 'I was never a fan'  Fox News
  2. Trump: 'I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be'  NBC News
  3. Trump: I never was a fan of McCain, I never will be  CNN
  4. I have always been a fan of John McCain, and always will be  Washington Examiner
  5. Morning Bits: Trump rages, Democrats ready for 2020  The Washington Post
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  1. Facebook Halts Ad Targeting Cited in Bias Complaints  The New York Times
  2. Facebook agrees to overhaul targeted advertising system for job, housing and loan ads after discrimination complaints  The Washington Post
  3. Facebook vows to stop ad discrimination against African-Americans, women and older workers  USA TODAY
  4. Facebook Axes Age, Gender and Other Targeting for Some Sensitive Ads  The Wall Street Journal
  5. Facebook's Alleged Discriminatory Ad Targeting To Change  NPR
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  1. Super bloom ban lifted: Lake Elsinore reopens poppy display in Walker Canyon  KABC-TV
  2. Super bloom tourists cause small town 'safety crisis'  BBC News
  3. Super Bloom 2019: Small Poppies Mean Big Headache For A California City  NPR
  4. Crowds trek to California canyon for poppy bloom  The Associated Press
  5. Tens of thousands converge on California 'poppy apocalypse'  Yahoo News
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  1. Statue of Liberty climber sentenced to community service, probation  Reuters
  2. Statue of Liberty climber avoids jail time, may do it again  New York Post
  3. Statue of Liberty climber gets probation, community service  Fox News
  4. Activist who scaled Statue of Liberty on 4th of July will find out if she is going to jail tomorrow  NJ.com
  5. Statue of Liberty protester Patricia Okoumou sentenced to 5 years’ probation  New York Daily News
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  1. Two years after voters approved it, Florida legalizes smoking medical marijuana  CNN
  2. Medical marijuana in Florida: Smoking medical marijuana now legal in Florida after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed bill into law  CBS News
  3. Smoking medical marijuana is legalized in Florida two years after residents voted for it  Daily Mail
  4. Marijuana companies give millions to Florida lawmakers  Miami Herald
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  1. The New Zealand Shooting Victims Spanned Generations and Nationalities  The New York Times
  2. He wanted notoriety. But it is New Zealand's stoic leader who has become the face of a tragedy  CNN
  3. New Zealand’s prime minister won’t name the Christchurch mosque shooter  Vox.com
  4. New Zealand was warned a terror attack was possible  Al Jazeera English
  5. Why was I asked to condemn Islamist violence days after Christchurch?  The Guardian
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Tijuana ranked as the most violent city in the world, top 5 located in Mexico, report says  Fox News

The most violent city in the world is apparently right along the southern border of the U.S..

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  1. How Britain's parliamentary speaker just made Brexit harder  Washington Examiner
  2. British leaders struggle to deliver Brexit after being tripped up by obscure parliamentary rule  The Washington Post
  3. A convention from 1604 just flung Brexit deeper into uncertainty  NBC News
  4. Brexit: New vote not ruled out despite Bercow decision  BBC News
  5. Bercow’s ruling has breathed new life into the people’s vote  The Guardian
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  1. Why Is Israel’s Justice Minister in an Ad for ‘Fascism’ Perfume?  The New York Times
  2. Israel elections: 'Fascism' perfume ad sparks online debate  BBC News
  3. Far-right Israeli campaign ad jokes of 'fascism' perfume  The Guardian
  4. Israel’s justice minister spritzes herself with perfume called ‘Fascism’ in new campaign ad  The Washington Post
  5. Israeli campaign ad seeks to make political point with 'Fascism' perfume  Reuters
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  1. Ride-hailing, Fracking, Capital Hunger, And Future Profits  Crunchbase News
  2. Lyft is losing a lot of money. And it might not turn a sizable profit until 2023  CNN
  3. Lyft, Uber and Silicon Valley IPOs help the rich get richer — the losers are public investors  CNBC
  4. In The Clouds: The 2019 IPO Market Is Dependent On AWS  Seeking Alpha
  5. Lyft IPO could be '$1 billion or more' windfall for California's coffers: ex-state treasurer  CNBC
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  1. Disney Completes Acquisition of 21st Century Fox  IGN
  2. Fox Corporation becomes stand-alone company as Disney deal set to close  Fox News
  3. Murdoch family launches a new Fox; ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan joins its board  Los Angeles Times
  4. Paul Ryan is now working at Fox  MarketWatch
  5. Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joins board of Fox Corporation  CNN
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  1. Jamie Dimon says we've split the US economy, leaving the poor behind  CNBC
  2. Jamie Dimon: The U.S. economy should have grown 40% in the last decade, not 20%  Yahoo Finance
  3. Jamie Dimon: The US economy has been 'fundamentally anti-poor'  CNN
  4. Banks are soaring, but society will 'get worse': Jamie Dimon  New York Post
  5. Jamie Dimon: 'Split Economy' Leaving Poor Behind  Newsmax
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  1. A month of coffee for $5? That’s Burger King’s plan to rule breakfast.  The Washington Post
  2. Burger King plan to rule breakfast by offering a month of coffee for $5  SFGate
  3. 50 Cent Channels Terrifying "Burger King" Mascot To Assert Dominance  HotNewHipHop
  4. Burger King offers $5 coffee subscription  KPRC Click2Houston
  5. Burger King plans to rule breakfast by offering a month of coffee for $5  STLtoday.com
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  1. Here’s how you’ll access Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service  TechCrunch
  2. Google unveils Stadia cloud gaming service at GDC 2019  The Verge
  3. Google Stadia hands-on: streaming analysis and controller impressions  Eurogamer.net
  4. Google Unveils Gaming Platform Stadia, A Competitor To Xbox, PlayStation And PC  Kotaku
  5. Google scores a custom AMD GPU to power its Stadia cloud gaming hardware  TechCrunch
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  1. Apple lowers price of SSD upgrades for Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro  9to5Mac
  2. Flexgate is real, and Apple should acknowledge it  The Verge
  3. Apple Drops Prices on MacBook Air and Mac Mini SSD Upgrades, Lowers Cost of 64GB Mac Pro RAM Price  Mac Rumors
  4. CHEAP: Only hours left to get $370 off a refurbished Apple Macbook  The Next Web
  5. Amazon is blowing out MacBook refurbs for just $929, today only  BGR
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  1. Apex Legends’ patch 1.0 balances hitboxes and fixes bugs  Polygon
  2. Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Trailer  Apex Legends
  3. Dr Disrespect is “bored” of Apex Legends’ lack of content  PCGamesN
  4. Apex Legends’ Octane: character abilities, battle pass skins, and more  Polygon
  5. Meet Octane – Apex Legends Character Trailer  Apex Legends
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  1. The iPad Air seems boring, but I want one anyway  Engadget
  2. Deals: 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Hits New Low Price as New iPad Mini and Air Get Pre-Order Discounts  Mac Rumors
  3. iPad Air 2019 vs. iPad Pro 2018 vs. iPad 2018 vs. iPad Pro 2017: How the specs match up  CNET
  4. T-Mobile confirms iPad Air and iPad mini prices and availability  TmoNews
  5. Apple Releases New iPad Air and iPad Mini!  MacRumors
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  1. Wendy Williams Revealed She’s Been Living In A Sober House And Is Recovering From Addiction  BuzzFeed News
  2. Wendy Williams reveals she's been living in a sober house, seeking treatment for addiction  Fox News
  3. Tearful Wendy Williams Reveals She's Living in a Sober House  E! Online
  4. Wendy Williams Has Been 'Living in a Sober House' Due to 'Struggle with Cocaine in the Past'  PEOPLE.com
  5. Wendy Williams Tearfully Announces That She's Living in a Sober House  Jezebel
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  1. Felicity Huffman Has Deleted Her Mommy Blog 'What The Flicka?'  Papermag
  2. Julia Roberts calls college admissions scandal 'so sad'  Fox News
  3. Julia Roberts blasts parents of college admissions scandal  Page Six
  4. Nicollette Sheridan talks admissions scandal, avoids mentioning co-star Felicity Huffman  USA TODAY
  5. Were Lori Loughlin and other college admissions scandal parents driven by this behavioral disorder?  Fox News
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  1. 'The Young and the Restless' star Kristoff St. John's cause of death revealed  Fox News
  2. Coroner: 'Y&R' star Kristoff St. John's cause of death was heart disease; alcohol contributed  USA TODAY
  3. Kristoff St. John's Cause of Death Revealed  E! Online
  4. Kristoff St. John’s Cause of Death Revealed  Us Weekly
  5. Kristoff St. John was reportedly in mental health hospital days before death  Page Six
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  1. HBO's Theranos documentary explores Elizabeth Holmes' cult of personality  Quartz
  2. Why Are We All So Bloody Obsessed with Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos Scandal?  Vogue
  3. Elizabeth Holmes's Fake Voice Is Actually Just 'Stupid Man' Voice  Jezebel
  4. A Deeply Creepy GIF Guide to HBO’s Elizabeth Holmes Documentary  Vulture
  5. The Elizabeth Holmes Documentary Reveals an Eerie Commercial for Theranos Gift Cards  Slate
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  1. Yankees won't get chance to lure Mike Trout, who has agreed to massive extension with Angels  SNY.tv
  2. Who's next? These MLB players could approach Mike Trout money  USA TODAY
  3. Sources - Angels, Trout near new $430M deal  ESPN
  4. Mike Trout, baseball’s $430 million man, is actually underpaid  The Washington Post
  5. Mike Trout will outplay his $430M, 12-year deal with the Angels - Max Kellerman | First Take  ESPN
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  1. NCAA Tournament 2019: Ranking the N.J. boys basketball alums in The Big Dance  NJ.com
  2. March Madness 2019 bracket: Proven computer simulation predicts surprising upsets  CBS Sports
  3. Why UConn got a No. 2 seed in 2019 women's NCAA basketball tournament  ESPN
  4. The 6-11 upset is the new 5-12 upset in the NCAA tournament  The Washington Post
  5. 68 teams gearing up for the 2019 NCAA Tournament  CBS News
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  1. What we learned from the Spurs win over the Warriors  Pounding The Rock
  2. Warriors' Steve Kerr: San Antonio Spurs “hottest team” in NBA  Mercury News
  3. Watch Stephen Curry Drain Longest 3-Pointer of the NBA Season vs. Spurs  Bleacher Report NBA
  4. After felling Warriors, Spurs’ mission is to avoid them in playoffs  San Antonio Express-News
  5. San Antonio's Western Conference climb spurred by defensive turnaround  ESPN.co.uk
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  1. Ed Markey Robert Krafy donations will go to anti-trafficking group  WEEI
  2. Plea deal offers to drop charges against Kraft  ESPN
  3. Report: Florida prosecutors offer Patriots' Robert Kraft deal to drop solicitation charges  Yahoo Sports
  4. Prosecutors reportedly offer to drop Robert Kraft prostitution charges  New York Post
  5. Florida Prosecutors Offer to Drop Charges Against Patriots Owner Robert Kraft  The Wall Street Journal
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  1. Scientists explain why we're just now learning about a giant meteor that exploded over Earth last year  USA TODAY
  2. A meteor exploded in the Earth's atmosphere with 10 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb  CNN
  3. A Meteor as Powerful as 10 Nuclear Bombs Exploded in The Sky, And We All Missed It  ScienceAlert
  4. NASA: A massive meteor exploded over Earth, but almost no one noticed  CNET
  5. NASA scientists launch probe into huge asteroid blast  Express.co.uk
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  1. Asteroid's bumpiness threatens US plan to return a sample to Earth  Nature.com
  2. OSIRIS-REx finds its asteroid is spewing material and is much more rugged than expected  The Verge
  3. At Bennu, NASA finds a mysterious, boulder-strewn asteroid  Ars Technica
  4. NASA Asteroid Bennu: STUNNING images reveal surface of asteroid that could hit Earth  Express.co.uk
  5. NASA to Unveil New Discoveries from Asteroid Bennu  Space.com
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  1. ‘Full worm supermoon’ rises shortly after Wednesday evening’s spring equinox  The Washington Post
  2. Super Worm Moon to shine on first day of spring  SILive.com
  3. Supermoon Marks Start Of Spring In Illinois  Patch.com
  4. First day of spring 2019: When the spring equinox arrives, other facts and myths about start of spring (3/20/2019)  NJ.com
  5. Spring 2019: When is the start of Spring? First day of Spring 2019 REVEALED  Express.co.uk
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  1. Humans can 'feel' Earth's magnetic field, study suggests  New York Post
  2. Some Humans Can Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field, Fascinating Experiment Suggests  Gizmodo
  3. Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?  The Scientist
  4. Brain scans reveal humans can ‘feel’ the earth’s magnetic field  The Sun
  5. Some Humans Can Detect the Earth's Magnetic Field  Popular Mechanics
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  1. Sugary drinks linked to 31 percent higher risk of early death, study finds  CBS News
  2. Sugary drinks linked to higher risk of premature death, especially for women, study says  KSL.com
  3. Even a little bit of soda is a lot not good  The Takeout
  4. Harvard study: Sugary drinks associated with greater risk of premature death  The Boston Globe
  5. If you drink 2+ sugary drinks a day, your risk of early death increases by 31 percent, study says  CBS This Morning
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  1. Unvaccinated teen sues health department amid chickenpox outbreak  KXAN.com
  2. Teen who refused chickenpox vaccine says school is limiting his activities. So he's suing  CNN
  3. Unvaccinated Student in Kentucky Sues After Being Barred From Playing Basketball  The New York Times
  4. Unvaccinated student sues Kentucky health department for banning him from school  Yahoo Lifestyle
  5. Student who refused chickenpox vaccine sues Kentucky health department for banning him from school  NBC News
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Anti-vaxers attack mothers whose children have died  CNN

Two-year-old Jude McGee died of the flu. But anti-vaxers told his mom she murdered him and made up a story about the flu to cover up her crime. She isn't the ...

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Addiction Medicine Lures A New Generation Of Idealistic Doctors : Shots - Health News  NPR

Once a tiny specialty that drew mostly psychiatrists, addiction medicine is expanding its accredited training to include primary care residents and idealistic ...

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