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  1. Trump promised to win the trade war with China. He failed  CNN
  2. In Xi’s Homage to Korean War, a Jab at the U.S.  The New York Times
  3. China's Xi vows to speed up army modernization as tensions with U.S. mount  NBC News
  4. Xi says China not afraid of war in speech to mark Korean War  Al Jazeera English
  5. Trump's tough guy stance on China will be his global legacy, win or lose  Sydney Morning Herald
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As China Clamps Down, Activists Flee Hong Kong for Refuge in the West  The New York Times
Tiny Taiwan caught in the middle as U.S. and China battle for supremacy  NBC News
US chokehold pushes China chip self-sufficiency up the agenda  Financial Times
Trump is playing up China's threat to the 2020 election. But the evidence shows Russia is the real danger  CNN
Tesla argues no defect on suspension, says China is forcing unnecessary recall  Electrek
China Reconsiders Its Global Strategy for the Yuan  Yahoo Finance
US designates six more Chinese media companies as foreign missions  CNN
How Trump Is Winning Hearts And Minds In Taiwan — Risking China's Wrath  NPR
Companies plan to continue shifting supply chains out of China under Biden or Trump, says PwC exec  CNBC
People are traveling across China in the hopes of getting an experimental Covid-19 vaccine shot  CNN
Unfavorable Views of China Reach Historic Highs in Many Countries  Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Project
The China challenge: 'To get a sense of how bad relations might get, look back to Menzies'  The Guardian
China's influence operations offer a glimpse into the future of information warfare  NBC News
China's Economy Bounces Back As Pandemic Is Brought Under Control  NPR
An Ex-Trump Insider Looks to Our Future With Russia and China  The New York Times
Indo-Pacific and China to be focus of high-level India-US talks  Nikkei Asian Review
China's economy is the envy of the world  CNN
US to base Coast Guard ships in western Pacific to tackle China  Al Jazeera English
In China, Not All Triple-A-Rated Bonds Are Created Equal  The Wall Street Journal
India Returns Captured China Soldier in Sign of Easing Tensions  The New York Times
India Captures Chinese Soldier Along Disputed Mountain Border  The New York Times
Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits  The New York Times
China's provocations propel decision to include Australia in upcoming Malabar exercise  DefenseNews.com
Chinese Fintech Company Lufax Seeks Up to $2.4 Billion in U.S. IPO  The Wall Street Journal
Forbes Estimates China Paid Trump At Least $5.4 Million Since He Took Office, Via Mysterious Trump Tower Lease  Forbes
Coronavirus: North Korea warnings over 'yellow dust coming from China'  BBC News
China Beat Back Covid-19, but It’s Come at a Cost—Growing Inequality  The Wall Street Journal
Soviet Documents Reveal Chinese Nuclear Mysteries  Foreign Policy
In Xi Jinping’s China, Nationalism Takes a Dark Turn  The Wall Street Journal
China's Covid success compared to Europe shows lockdowns are the first step, not a solution  CNN
How China Threatens American Democracy  Foreign Affairs
You Can Now Get a COVID-19 Vaccine in China. That Might Not Be a Good Thing  TIME
China Is Experiencing a Boom in Share Sales  The Wall Street Journal
Businesses should get ready for more volatility in the Chinese yuan, regulator says  CNBC
China and Germany heading for superpower status as U.S. influence wanes, says Putin  Reuters
China Threatens to Detain Americans if U.S. Prosecutes Chinese Scholars  The New York Times
China's electric car strategy is starting to go global – and the U.S. is lagging behind  CNBC
In City Where China Welcomed the World, Xi Prepares for a Colder One  The New York Times
China-Taiwan tensions erupt over diplomats' fight in Fiji  BBC News
Vatican, China extend bishop agreement over US opposition  The Associated Press
LILLEY: O'Toole pushing Trudeau in right direction on China  Toronto Sun
China Reports Spike in US Surveillance Flights  Voice of America
North Korea warns citizens of yellow dust carrying COVID-19 from China; heres what it is - Republic World  Republic World
In China, Formidable Prosecutor Yang Bin is Now a Rights Defender  The New York Times
China is winning the global economic recovery  CNN
India-China: The shove felt around the world  The Sunday Guardian
Brazil Approves Import of China’s Sinovac Vaccine  Bloomberg
China illegally occupies Nepal`s land at several places; Indian intelligence agencies sound alert  Zee News
U.S. blocked Chinese purchase of San Diego fertility clinic over medical data security concerns  CNBC
China's rare birds may move north as the climate changes, new data suggest  Science Magazine
What Kind of Superpower Will China Be?  The Atlantic
Crowds at the Beijing Auto Show Signal China's Spenders are Back  The New York Times
Trump calls India, China air ‘filthy’; social media weighs in  Al Jazeera English
How China Outsmarted the Trump Administration  The Atlantic
Chinese City to Test Nine Million for Coronavirus After Finding a Dozen Cases  The Wall Street Journal
Cat and mouse on the high seas: on the trail of China's vast squid fleet  The Guardian
Analysis: China's import halt of Australian met coal could come at a cost to Chinese steelmakers  S&P Global
Is Biden's Logo a Reference to China's 'Three Red Banners'?  Snopes.com
China’s Economic Squeeze on Australia Extends to Cotton  The Wall Street Journal
Chinese economy expands 4.9% in third quarter  Financial Times
China is doubling down on its territorial claims and that's causing conflict across Asia  CNN
Senate GOP to drop documentary series days before election hitting China, Democrats over coronavirus | TheHill  The Hill
Don’t be blind to China’s rise in a changing world  Financial Times
China’s Appetite for Beef Is Insatiable, Brazil Producer Says  Bloomberg
China’s digital yuan tests leap forward in Shenzhen  TechCrunch
China’s Economic Recovery Helps Drive Its Stocks Higher  The Wall Street Journal
China’s climate change researchers have a plan to radically reduce emissions by 2050  Vox.com
Can we trust Chinese Covid-19 science?  The Guardian
China's Next Problem Is Recycling 26 Million Tons of Discarded Clothes  Bloomberg
Winter Olympics: threat of boycotts clouds China's 'joyful rendezvous' in the snow  The Guardian
China's recovery isn't as rosy as it appears — but there's still 'room for optimism'  CNBC
Trump is stealing China's playbook to deal with TikTok  CNN
China's Communist Party knows how to quell a restive population — but what about its environment?  ABC News
China's main stock markets hit combined record high of $10.08tn  The Guardian
U.S. judge denies new government bid to remove China's WeChat from U.S. app stores  Reuters
Chinese 5G Not Living Up to Its Hype  VOA Asia
China's treatment of Uyghur Muslims sparks anger near new embassy site in London  CNN
The United States is taking aim at China's biggest chipmaker  CNN
Chinese browser Tuber offers a glimpse beyond the Great Firewall — with caveats  TechCrunch
U.S. Places Restrictions on China’s Leading Chip Maker  The New York Times
China's Qingdao Covid cluster traced back to two dock workers, officials say  CNN
India needs to parry China after Galwan  The Sunday Guardian
How China managed to consistently reduce PM 2.5 concentrations in recent years  Hindustan Times
How China Is Taking Over International Organizations, One Vote at a Time  The Wall Street Journal
BTS Honored Korean War Sacrifices. Some in China Detected an Insult.  The New York Times
On China’s National Day, Hong Kong Police Quash Protests  The New York Times
Covid Forces China's Tourists to Spend 'Golden Week' Closer to Home  The New York Times
A big Chinese tech company is quitting Wall Street after 20 years  CNN
China Thinks America Is Losing  Foreign Affairs Magazine
Chinese President Xi Jinping tells troops to focus on 'preparing for war'  CNN
Malaysia detains Chinese vessels for trespassing in territorial waters  CNN
China's tech giants face 'new business realities' across the world  CNBC
U.S.’s China Hawks Drive Hard-Line Policies After Trump Turns on Beijing  The Wall Street Journal
Chinese kindergarten teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 students with nitrite-laced porridge  CNN
China insists Genghis Khan exhibit not use words 'Genghis Khan'  The Guardian
China’s Economic Rebound Picks Up Pace  The Wall Street Journal
China's successful control of COVID-19  The Lancet
Chinese vlogger dies after 'set on fire by ex during live stream'  BBC News
China Gives Unproven Covid-19 Vaccines to Thousands, With Risks Unknown  The New York Times
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