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  1. Biden warns of possible Russian invasion of Ukraine in February  Al Jazeera English
  2. Ukraine Tension: Russia Slams US, NATO Response to Its Demands  Bloomberg
  3. Russia ridicules Biden's remarks about sanctioning Putin if Russia launches an invasion as U.S. pours weapons into Ukraine  CBS News
  4. US plans ban on tech exports if Russia invades Ukraine  NPR
  5. Opinion: Russia has a right to feel nervous about Ukraine  Detroit Free Press
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  1. Latest Ukraine updates: Kyiv backs US reply to Russia’s demands  Al Jazeera English
  2. Russia invading Ukraine would be 'insane,' says former Swedish prime minister  CNBC
  3. The West fears Russia is about to attack Ukraine. But that's not the way Russians are seeing it on TV  CNN
  4. U.S. Offers ‘Diplomatic Path’ in Answer to Russian Demands  The New York Times
  5. What Russia Wants and What the U.S. Is Proposing in the Ukraine Crisis  The Wall Street Journal
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Tensions simmer in Ukraine-Russia border crisis  CNN
Russia pessimistic after U.S. responds to Putin's demands in Ukraine standoff  NBC News
US and NATO responses fail to address Russia's main concerns, says Foreign Minister Lavrov  CNN
Ukraine faces enormous military odds against Russia  Al Jazeera English
Fresh Russia-Ukraine Talks Point to Possible Off-Ramp in Crisis  The Wall Street Journal
China warns US over Russia’s ‘legitimate security concerns’  Al Jazeera English
Russia-Ukraine conflict threatens U.S. prestige | TheHill  The Hill
How Putin Is Using Russia’s Military as a Tool for Foreign Policy  The New York Times
Ukraine crisis: Russians hope for peace as the world talks of war  Al Jazeera English
How Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014. And how the markets tanked  CNBC
Russia's reaction to U.S. and NATO leaves Ukraine crisis to fester on the brink of war  CBS News
U.S. allies are stepping up to counter Russia's Ukraine threats — with a notable exception  NBC News
Russian roar on Ukraine rings hollow to Latin America allies  Associated Press
If Russia invades, sanction its oil and gas  Brookings Institution
Russia moves troops and U.S. sends weapons as fear of war mounts in Ukraine  The Washington Post
US, NATO using military moves to send message to Russia over Ukraine  ABC News
US: Nord Stream 2 will 'not move forward' if Russia invades Ukraine  New York Post
Ukraine crisis deepens after U.K. says Russia may try to install a pro-Kremlin leader  NPR
As Russia Threatens Ukraine, Europe Scrambles to Secure Gas Supply  The Wall Street Journal
Biden administration is offering to negotiate with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine  NPR
Russia Deploys Warships to Black Sea in Dangerous Escalation Near Ukraine  U.S. News & World Report
On the Brink of War With Russia, Ukrainians Are Resigned and Prepared  The Wall Street Journal
A ‘NATO Nerd’ Thrown Into the Crisis Over Russia and Ukraine  The New York Times
U.S. and Allies Seek United Front on Russia-Ukraine Crisis  The New York Times
Russia expert lays out Putin's 'menu of options' regarding Ukraine, warns US vulnerability being tested  Fox News
Russia Steps Up Propaganda War Amid Ukraine Tensions  The New York Times
Ukraine crisis: UK 'not optimistic' Russian invasion can be stopped  BBC News
US teacher arrested in Russia for ‘large-scale’ drug smuggling  Al Jazeera English
What is SWIFT and why it might be the weapon Russia fears most  CNN
Why Russia and China Build Up Iran  The Wall Street Journal
Oil falls from seven-year high as Russia tensions offset Fed tightening  Reuters
US suggests Winter Olympics could influence Russia's military planning in Ukraine  CNN
US orders families of Ukraine embassy staff to leave on war fears  Al Jazeera English
US warns Russia is sounding 'drumbeats of war' against Ukraine as crisis talks end with no breakthrough  CNN
Crypto giant Binance hopes Russia will help regional growth  Reuters
Opinion | Did We Miss Biden’s Most Important Remark About Russia?  The New York Times
Tucker Carlson-fueled Republicans drop tough-on-Russia stance  Axios
Russia is preparing a pretext for invading Ukraine: US official  Al Jazeera English
Ukraine says Russia recruiting mercenaries, sending arms to east  Al Jazeera English
Russia’s Attempts to Sanction-Proof Its Economy Have Exposed a Weak Spot  The Wall Street Journal
DHS warns of potential Russia cyberattacks amid tensions  CNN
US asks UN Security Council to meet on Russia, Ukraine  RTE.ie
Russian ships, tanks and troops on the move to Ukraine as peace talks stall  The Guardian
How a Russian invasion of Ukraine could trigger market shock waves  MarketWatch
Does Biden’s Presidency Hang on the Crisis with Russia?  The New Yorker
US accuses Russia of conspiring to take over Ukraine government  The Guardian
Russia announces sweeping naval drills amid Ukraine tensions  Associated Press
Units from Davis-Monthan asked to prepare for deployment if Russia invades Ukraine  KOLD
After Coup in Burkina Faso, Protesters Turn to Russia for Help  The New York Times
Norway's PM says Russia build-up is `a sign of weakness'  ABC News
Biden says US to ‘respond decisively’ if Russia invades Ukraine  Al Jazeera English
Around the halls: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the European security order  Brookings Institution
U.S. Details Possible Sanctions on Russia Over a Ukraine Invasion  The New York Times
Russia Wants to Destabilize Ukraine, Not Invade It, Says Kyiv Security Chief  The Wall Street Journal
Russia Positioning Helicopters, in Possible Sign of Ukraine Plans  The New York Times
Russia's talk of troops in Latin America called 'bluster'  Associated Press
Putin is Threatening a War. Are Russians Willing to Fight It?  POLITICO
U.S. Accuses Russia of Sending Saboteurs Into Ukraine  The New York Times
Kazakhstan adds uncertainty to talks with Russia on Ukraine  Associated Press
Russia needs to stop clinging to the idea of reviving the Soviet Union, Ukraine ambassador says  CNBC
UK defence minister warns of ‘consequences’ if Russia invades Ukraine  The Guardian
Russia-US face-off: What should we expect in 2022?  Al Jazeera English
Cyberattack hits Ukraine as U.S. warns Russia could be prepping for war  Reuters
Tucker Carlson: We're moving closer to war with Russia  Fox News
No One in Kyiv Knows Whether Russia Is Bluffing  The Atlantic
Russia holds tank drills near Ukraine, sounds downbeat on talks  Reuters
US, Germany say Russia poses 'urgent' challenge to stability  Associated Press
How Turkey's growing ties with Russia have caused problem for NATO  Business Insider
Russia-Ukraine crisis: Inside the top-secret tank base that provides Ukraine's best hope of defence against Russian invasion  Sky News
Russia’s ambassador says US seeks to force him out of country over visa disagreements  TASS
Biden admin weighs proposing cuts in U.S., Russian forces in Eastern Europe  NBC News
U.S. Rebuilt NATO to Face Down Russia. Putin Scrambled Those Plans.  The Wall Street Journal
Russia and Iran Put on a Show of Unity — Against the U.S.  The New York Times
Russia, China and the Bid for Empire  The Wall Street Journal
Lavrov Says Russia Won't Wait 'Endlessly' for Security Deal  Bloomberg
Russia Readies Scores of Transport Planes as Troops Pour Into Kazakhstan  The Wall Street Journal
What the US Misunderstands About Russia by Nina L. Khrushcheva  Project Syndicate
Sergey V. Lavrov Accused NATO of Stoking Ukraine Conflict  The New York Times
The Caucasus Simmer as Russia Focuses on Ukraine and Kazakhstan  Foreign Policy
Russian Military Buildup on Ukraine Border Threatens Turkey's NATO Relations  Foreign Policy
New Sanctions for Russian Gas Pipeline Fall Short in Senate  The New York Times
Ukraine is Putin's 'last stand', says Russia expert  CNN
Ukraine Latest: Vladimir Putin and Mariupol, a Once Pro-Russia City  Bloomberg
Bipartisan US Senate delegation meets with Ukrainian President as Russian invasion threat looms  CNN
U.S. and Germany touch base before meeting with Russia about Ukraine tensions  NPR
Russia's Demography Makes War a Painful Bet for Putin  Foreign Policy
Covid in Russia Wipes Decade of Life Expectancy After Its Deadliest Month  Bloomberg
On Russia, NATO cannot fold  POLITICO.eu
Russian Aggression Has the Baltics on Edge  Foreign Policy
Metals prices may rally further if Russia-Ukraine tensions impact supply: analysts  S&P Global
Dow closes up 100 points after falling as much as 1,000 on roller-coaster day  New York Post
Russia: Repression Escalates  Human Rights Watch
Russian Court Orders Liquidation of the Human Rights Group Memorial  The New York Times
Russia-Ukraine Conflict Lies in the Bones of an 11th-Century Prince  The Wall Street Journal
Liz Truss says Russia faces high-level sanctions if it invades Ukraine  The Guardian
The US must consider using its Arctic advantage against Russia | TheHill  The Hill
Russia's defense industry might not survive an invasion of Ukraine  Breaking Defense
Why Ukraine's use of a Turkish-made drone has rattled Russia  The Washington Post
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