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  1. Giuliani accuses Ukraine of laundering $3M to Hunter Biden, asks how Obama could let that happen  Fox News
  2. As Trump Confirms He Discussed Biden With Ukraine, Pressure to Impeach Builds  The New York Times
  3. Trump’s foreign aid: Reporting suggests Trump is inviting foreign election interference again  New York Daily News
  4. Unblock whistleblower's complaint on President Donald Trump's call to Ukraine over Biden  USA TODAY
  5. Mary Anne Marsh: Trump's reelection is in trouble – Here's how it adds up (and why every American should care)  Fox News
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  1. Britian's Johnson blames Iran for attack on Saudi oil facilities, could join US military effort  Fox News
  2. Iran asks West to leave Persian Gulf  POLITICO
  3. Oil attacks: What's next for Saudi Aramco and world oil markets? | Counting the Cost  Al Jazeera English
  4. Saudi Oil Attack’s Global Aftershocks: Theme of the Week  Bloomberg
  5. Saudi Arabia won’t attack Iran. But it may pay someone else to  The Guardian
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  1. Who’s Speaking at the U.N. Climate Summit? Several Champions of Coal  The New York Times
  2. UN Climate Action Summit 2019: 3 key things to watch  Vox.com
  3. Countries must triple climate emission cut targets to limit global heating to 2C  The Guardian
  4. Greta Thunberg speech: Read the powerful climate change message to the UN - 'Wake up'  Express.co.uk
  5. UN climate summit: Push for greenhouse gas reductions  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Pence Took an Eight-Car Motorcade to a Michigan Island Where Cars Are Banned  Slate
  2. 'A huge transgression': VP Mike Pence traveled by motorcade on a historically car-free island in Michigan, riling critics  Business Insider
  3. Mike Pence takes eight-vehicle motorcade across island where cars have been banned for a century  The Independent
  4. Tlaib says she's 'in such disbelief' Pence brought eight cars to Michigan island where they are banned | TheHill  The Hill
  5. A Motorcade on Mackinac Island? Pence’s Visit Breaks a Long Tradition  The New York Times
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  1. 6-year-old arrested, has mug shot taken following school tantrum  CBS17.com
  2. Florida officer suspended after arresting two kids, ages 6 and 8, at school  NBC News
  3. Officer Under Investigation After Arresting Children, 6 and 8, Chief Says  The New York Times
  4. 6-year-old arrested after having temper tantrum at school, grandmother says  WFTV Orlando
  5. 6-Year-Old Girl Arrested For ‘Battery’ After Throwing Tantrum  The Daily Wire
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Trump To Address UN General Assembly  NPR

A year ago, President Trump was laughed at during his address to the U.N. General Assembly. This year, he'll face an audience of world leaders increasingly ...

  1. Omar: Biden not the candidate to 'tackle a lot of the systematic challenges that we have' | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Elizabeth Warren is becoming Trump's greatest threat  CNN
  3. Iowa Poll: Elizabeth Warren takes the lead, ahead of Biden and Sanders  Vox.com
  4. 2020 Sunday Trail Markers: The state of play in Iowa  CBS News
  5. Analysis | The Trailer: Iowa and the Democratic presidential race come into better focus  The Washington Post
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  1. Chanel Miller was 'shocked' Brock Turner was only sentenced to six months in jail  New York Post
  2. Chanel Miller meets the men who stopped her assault  60 Minutes
  3. Chanel Miller Says 'Know My Name,' As She Reflects On Her Assault By Brock Turner  NPR
  4. ‘It Will Always Be a Part of My Life’: Chanel Miller Is Ready to Talk  The New York Times
  5. Chanel Miller: The trial was not about truth  60 Minutes
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  1. Thousands attend Area 51 events in Nevada desert  CBS This Morning
  2. Area 51 raid aftermath: What happened at Area 51? Internet asks 'how many people died?'  Express.co.uk
  3. No aliens, 2 arrested at 'Storm Area 51' event  CNN
  4. Area 51 raid in pictures: The best photos from the failed Storm Area 51 raid  Express.co.uk
  5. 'Storm Area 51' fizzles out: 'It was a gamble financially. We lost'  Washington Times
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  1. Bernie Sanders has a problem. Her name is Elizabeth Warren.  The Washington Post
  2. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Capitalism, And Retirement Accounts: The Dog That Didn’t Bark  Forbes
  3. Sanders on what he admires about Trump: 'I'm impressed by people who get up at 3 o'clock in the morning' | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Sanders addresses Comanche event in Warren’s home state  Washington Post
  5. Bernie Sanders releases plan to eliminate $81B in past-due medical debt  Fox News
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  1. Violence and chaos spreads through Hong Kong as protests enter 16th week  CNN
  2. Police Dressed as Protesters: How Undercover Police in Hong Kong Severely Injured People  The New York Times
  3. Hong Kong protests: China flag desecrated as fresh unrest erupts  BBC News
  4. It will be a 'disaster' for Hong Kong if it 'squanders' its status as a financial center, China investor says  CNBC
  5. Hong Kong cleans up after latest violence ahead of October 1 anniversary  Reuters
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British Oil Tanker Seized By Iran Will Be Released Soon, Iranian Official Says  NPR

The Stena Impero was detained by Iran's Revolutionary Guards in the Strait of Hormuz on July 19 for alleged marine violations. Iranian maritime officials have ...

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  1. Civilians killed in Afghan forces' anti-Taliban operation  Aljazeera.com
  2. Afghan officials say civilians killed in anti-Taliban raid  Washington Post
  3. Civilians killed in Afghan forces' anti-Taliban operation  Al Jazeera English
  4. Post peace talks, Afghan elections are the best way forward | TheHill  The Hill
  5. 35 Killed, 13 Injured In Attack By Afghan Forces  NDTV News
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  1. Blackface damages Trudeau at polls as he vows lower taxes, cellphone costs  Fox News
  2. Canada's Trudeau pushes on with campaign after severe blow from blackface photos  Reuters
  3. Trudeau Pledges to Cut Taxes for Middle Class, Lower Phone Bills  Bloomberg
  4. Why Trudeau Could Lose  The Wall Street Journal
  5. Trudeau is unfit to govern  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Top 5 Things to Know in the Market on Monday  Investing.com
  2. WeWork C.E.O.’s Ouster Is Weighed in Bid to Salvage I.P.O.  The New York Times
  3. Some WeWork Board Members Seek to Remove Adam Neumann as CEO  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Do WeWork Bondholders Know Something We Don’t?  Bloomberg
  5. SoftBank's Eyes Wide Shut Just Won't Work Anymore  Bloomberg
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  1. Forget Stocks – Money Market Is Signaling Possible Troubles Ahead  Forbes
  2. The Trump-Powell feud isn’t slowing down. But a bigger story is being missed.  The Washington Post
  3. A dissenting voice emerges at the Federal Reserve  CNN
  4. Is the Federal Reserve making a mistake on inflation?  Financial Times
  5. Negativity on oil, Trump and repo rate  IOL
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Asian shares ease on geopolitical tensions, oil up 1%  Reuters

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Most Asian share markets slipped on Monday as investors waited for more clarity on the Sino-U.S. trade talks after recent negotiations, ...

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  1. The UAW strike against General Motors: Week 2  Fox Business
  2. GM electric car push could mean fewer and lower paying jobs  ABC 12 News
  3. Warren and Biden Join U.A.W. Picket Lines as Democrats Use Strike to Court Labor  The New York Times
  4. How GM's profit sharing offer to UAW workers missed the mark  Detroit Free Press
  5. GM strike is the right idea in the wrong place  Automotive News
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  1. Here’s what we learned from iFixit’s iPhone 11 teardown  Circuit Breaker
  2. iPhone 11 review: 6 reasons it's Apple's best new smartphone  Cult of Mac
  3. iPhone 11 Alert: Apple Accident Reveals New Upgrades  Forbes
  4. This new iOS 13 trick fixes an annoying iPhone quirk  CNET
  5. iOS 13: All the best iPhone features - and the ones that Apple is still holding back  Express
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  1. PlayStation 5 Will Include Power Saving Feature to Tackle Climate Change  IGN
  2. PS5 release date update: Good and bad news for Sony PlayStation fans  Express
  3. PlayStation 5 will waste less energy  The Verge
  4. Sony says the PlayStation 5 won't waste as much energy as the PS4  Engadget
  5. Xbox Scarlett 2020 release update following shock PS5 price news  Express
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  1. 'Borderlands 3' Halloween-Themed "Bloody Harvest" Event Coming Next Month  Bloody Disgusting
  2. First 'Borderlands 3' event is the Halloween-themed Bloody Harvest  Engadget
  3. 'Borderlands 3': Remember To Use This SHiFT Code For A Golden Key And Loot Before It Expires  Forbes
  4. Borderlands 3 Sale Offers Cheapest Discount on Price Yet  GameRant
  5. Borderlands 3 Review  We Got This Covered
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  1. iPhone 11 Pro release date, specs and price: iPhone 11, 11 Pro go on sale  The INQUIRER
  2. Apple’s new iPhones reportedly selling better than their predecessors  MarketWatch
  3. Best iPhone 11 Deals: Best Prices on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max  Tom's Guide
  4. iPhone 11 Pro Max supposedly has necessary hardware for bilateral charging  Pocket-lint
  5. iPhone 11 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10: Which Flagship Phone Should You Buy?  Tom's Guide
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Celebrity chef Carl Ruiz dead at 44  UPI News

Television celebrity chef Carl Ruiz has died, according to his Manhattan restaurant La Cubana. He was 44.

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  1. Maisie Williams's Boyfriend Helped Design Her Edgy Emmys Dress  HarpersBAZAAR.com
  2. Games of Thrones' Kit Harington Walks Emmys Red Carpet in First Appearance Since Treatment  Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Emilia Clarke's Jennifer Lopez-inspired Emmys look earns praise from 'Hustlers' star  USA TODAY
  4. Where Is Joe Jonas? Why Sophie Turner Was Solo At Emmys  Refinery29
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  1. The Subtle Way Two Game of Thrones Cast Members Paid Tribute to the Show at the Emmys  InStyle
  2. Joe Jonas Can't Stop Gushing About Wife Sophie Turner On Emmys Night  Access
  3. Not Even the Night King Could Stop the Game of Thrones Cast From Dominating the Emmys  POPSUGAR
  4. Sophie Turner And Kit Harington Hugging At The Emmys Has Everybody In Their Feelings  HuffPost
  5. 'Game Of Thrones' Star Alfie Allen Shows Off His Killer Kit Harington Dance Moves!  Access
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Emilia Clarke addresses 'Game of Thrones' finale backlash  Page Six

It was profoundly flattering is what it was because when someone cares that much that they're ready to make such a noise about how they believe the...

  1. Giants' defense paved way for Daniel Jones' special moment  New York Post
  2. QB Jones leads Giants' rally vs. Bucs in 1st start  ESPN
  3. Giants vs. Buccaneers Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019  NFL
  4. Buccaneers' Bruce Arians on delay before FG miss: Thought longer kick would be easier  Sporting News
  5. Sources -- Giants RB Barkley has high ankle sprain  ESPN
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  1. 6 plays that changed the Browns' 20-13 loss to the Rams  clevelandbrowns.com
  2. Rams vs. Browns final score: L.A. wins in Cleveland as defense stumps Baker Mayfield, Freddie Kitchens  CBS Sports
  3. Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Rams | Cleveland Browns  Cleveland Browns
  4. Cleveland Browns can move into first place with a win on Sunday Night Football  Dawg Pound Daily
  5. Freddie Kitchens, Baker Mayfield Are Holding Back the Cleveland Browns  Bleacher Report NFL
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  1. Yankees Notes: Gleyber, Encarnacion, Sabathia  MLB Trade Rumors
  2. Severino strikes out 9 in 2nd start of 2019  MLB.com
  3. N&N: José Ramírez had a good day, could be back today  Let's Go Tribe
  4. Blue Jays strike out (a lot) in final road game against Yankees  Toronto Star
  5. Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays Prediction, Preview, and Odds - 9-23-2019  Winners and Whiners
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What We Learned in N.F.L. Week 3  The New York Times

The Ravens got uncomfortably close to the Chiefs, some young quarterbacks (like Daniel Jones) looked great, and the Cowboys and Patriots delivered easy ...

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  1. Trump Marks Mars as NASA’s Next Target, Says Moon Is ‘Not So Exciting’  Sputnik International
  2. NASA Finds Weird Magnetic Pulses on Mars  Newser
  3. People Are Fuming After Australia Pledges $150 Million To Help America Get To The Moon  LADbible
  4. Astronauts are breathing into weird little machines for science  msnNOW
  5. NASA mystery: Strange magnetic pulses at midnight baffle scientists studying Mars  Express.co.uk
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  1. Scientists Were Wrong About DNA – It Is Actually Held Together by Hydrophobic Forces  SciTechDaily
  2. DNA is held together by hydrophobic forces  EurekAlert
  3. DNA's double helix is twisty because of water — not hydrogen  Business Insider India
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Colorful New Bee Species Discovered in Fiji, but Extinction From Climate Change Feared  SciTechDaily

The biodiversity buzz is alive and well in Fiji, but climate change, noxious weeds and multiple human activities are making possible extinction a counter ...

  1. Asteroid alert: A space rock was spotted two weeks ago and now it just flew past Earth  Express.co.uk
  2. Asteroid: Did a massive crash in space help biodiversity on Earth?  CBBC Newsround
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  1. Ebola DRC: Independent Ebola vaccination committee is needed | Médecins Sans Frontières  Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International
  2. UN agency: Tanzania not sharing details on Ebola-like cases  The Associated Press
  3. Ebola Outbreak: Quarantined contacts struggle to access food  TRT World
  4. Aid group says WHO is restricting access to Ebola vaccines in Congo  Reuters
  5. Tanzania not sharing information on suspected Ebola: WHO  The East African
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Face transplant recipient's donor face now failing  Los Angeles Times

A woman who was severely burned in a domestic violence attack in Vermont is hoping for a second face transplant after doctors recently discovered tissue ...

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Pain Relief From Exercise? Brisk Walks Can Make A Difference : Shots - Health News  NPR

Never mind a runner's high — the buzz some people say they get after a run. Neuroscientist Benedict Kolber was more interested in how to generate pain relief ...

  1. FDA launches criminal probe of vaping-related illnesses, Congress to hold hearing  Fox News
  2. Yellowstone County vaping illness is first case in Montana  Billings Gazette
  3. Maine reports first lung illness case related to e-cigarette use  WMTW Portland
  4. Vaping-related lung disease: 2 confirmed cases in Buncombe County  Asheville Citizen-Times
  5. Gov. Holcomb weighs in on vaping bans  FOX59 News
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