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  1. Uvalde school shooter was in school for up to an hour before law enforcement broke into room where he was barricaded and killed him  CNN
  2. 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school rampage  The Associated Press
  3. As gunfire rang out at a Uvalde school, SAFD jumped to action from 80 miles away  KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source
  4. Escobar addresses deadly Uvalde elementary school shooting at community meeting in El Paso  KFOX El Paso
  5. Texas school shooting begs the question: Where is God?  Fox News
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  1. Beto O'Rourke interrupts Greg Abbott at school shooting press conference: "You are doing nothing"  CBS News
  2. Texas school shooting: Beto O'Rourke derails Gov. Greg Abbott update on Uvalde shooting  Fox News
  3. Opinion | Why, after so many mass shootings, are we still asking the same questions?  The Washington Post
  4. With wild disruption of Uvalde event, Beto O’Rourke proves again that it’s all about him  Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  5. Texas shooting: What did Beto O’Rourke say to Gov. Abbott? | Opinion  Deseret News
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  1. Texas shooting: Where does US gun control go from here?  BBC
  2. Texas mass shooting reignites debate on gun reform  CBS Evening News
  3. A closer look at gun laws in Texas  CBS News
  4. Don’t be ‘horrified and heartbroken’ at Uvalde. Get mad as hell and do something  The Philadelphia Inquirer
  5. NJEA president on Texas school shooting: Time to vote out officials who won’t pass gun laws | Opinion
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  1. How election denial lost in Georgia’s GOP race for secretary of state   The Atlanta Journal Constitution
  2. Donald Trump had a rough night in Georgia  CNN
  3. GOP primary election results in Georgia signal lack of support for Trump-backed candidates  CBS News
  4. Trump is no kingmaker in the Republican party. That is increasingly clear  The Guardian
  5. Trump’s ‘get-even list’ got longer, after his candidates lost in Georgia  The Hill
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  1. The next U.S. abortion battle is over pills, and it's already begun  Reuters
  2. U.S. Doctors Already Face Big Hurdles Accessing Abortion Pill  U.S. News & World Report
  3. The Coming Legal Battles Over Abortion Pills  POLITICO
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  1. NRA convention with Trump, Abbott, Ted Cruz in Houston after Uvalde  USA TODAY
  2. Amid Texas shooting, Bette Midler urges NRA protestors to 'come armed' to annual convention in Houston  Fox News
  3. Daniel Defense, the Maker of the Uvalde Shooter's 'Perfect Rifle,' Abruptly Exits the NRA Convention  The Daily Beast
  4. 'We simply cannot cancel' | Mayor Turner says NRA meeting will go on as scheduled
  5. Editorial: If gun control won't work, at least take away gun makers' liability protection  St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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  1. Georgia deals critical blow to Trump’s kingmaker status  The Hill
  2. 'Trump picked this fight': Why heavyweight Republicans no longer fear Trump  POLITICO
  3. Donald Trump's Biggest Candidate Bet, David Perdue, Was a Bust  The Daily Beast
  4. Opinion | Why Trump's 2024 chances are even worse than Georgia suggests  The Washington Post
  5. Doug Mastriano is proof the GOP is weak  The Philadelphia Inquirer
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  1. Oklahoma governor signs strictest abortion ban law in US  The Guardian US
  2. Oklahoma GOP governor signs one of nation's strictest abortion bills into law  CNN
  3. Oklahoma governor signs strictest U.S. abortion ban  Reuters
  4. News On 6  News On 6
  5. Oklahoma abortion law protecting life from conception to face legal challenge from Planned Parenthood  Fox News
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  1. Nancy Brophy, romance novelist who wrote "How to Murder Your Husband," found guilty of murdering her husband  CBS News
  2. ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Writer Convicted of Murdering Husband  The New York Times
  3. Jury finds romance novelist Nancy Brophy guilty of second-degree murder | Live stream  KGW News
  4. Good Afternoon, News: Jury Finds Brophy Guilty, a Questionable Plan from DA Schmidt, and the Latest from the Tragedy in Texas  The Portland Mercury
  5. ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ author found guilty of husband’s murder  WGHP FOX8 Greensboro
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  1. BTS To Appear With Joe Biden At White House To Discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes  Deadline
  2. K-pop supergroup BTS headed to the White House  CNN
  3. BTS to join President Biden at White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes & celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month  allkpop
  4. Build Back Butter: K-Pop band BTS heading to White House  POLITICO
  5. BTS Are Headed to the White House  Rolling Stone
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  1. China plays for influence in South Pacific with security proposal and diplomatic tour  CNN
  2. US, Australia fear growing Chinese military control in Pacific  Al Jazeera English
  3. China wants 10 Pacific nations to endorse sweeping agreement  The Associated Press
  4. China's Wang visits Solomon Islands as Australia seeks to counter Pacific deal  The Washington Post
  5. Duelling diplomacy in the Pacific should dispel the notion of a China-Australia reset  The Guardian
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  1. Eleven newborn babies die in Senegal hospital fire  CNN
  2. 11 newborn babies dead in fire at Senegal hospital  New York Post
  3. 11 newborn babies die in fire at Senegal hospital  NBC News
  4. Senegal hospital fire: 11 newborn babies die in Tivaouane  Al Jazeera English
  5. Senegal: Eleven newborn baby die for hospital fire for Tivaouane  BBC
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  1. Live updates | Putin says West will fail in isolating Russia  The Associated Press - en Español
  2. Russian invasion of Ukraine reached 'most active' phase – BBC News  BBC News
  3. Ukraine military unit destroyed, Russia reports  Fox News
  4. Ukraine Says War Entering Most 'Active Phase' In Donbas Region  NBC News
  5. Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 92  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Top financiers and millionaires just met up in the Swiss Alps. And the mood was terrible  CNBC
  2. Davos elite reassess globalization amid turmoil of pandemic and war  The Washington Post
  3. Davos: Germany seeks 'multipolar' world amid climate protest  The Associated Press - en Español
  4. The Reasons to Worry Just Keep Piling Up for Davos Executives  Bloomberg
  5. Globalization's cheerleaders grasp for new buzzwords at Davos  Reuters
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  1. Treasury yields are flat as traders weigh Fed minutes  CNBC
  2. Stocks edge higher as investors await Fed minutes  Yahoo Finance
  3. Stocks Close Higher After Fed Minutes; WWE Stock Scores Breakout  Investor's Business Daily
  4. Fed minutes point to more rate hikes that go further than the market anticipates  CNBC
  5. Fed signals several half-percentage point hikes to come  CNN
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  1. SEC's proposed ESG rule will leave small farms in the lurch, lawmakers from both parties say  Fox Business
  2. SEC Proposes More Disclosure Requirements for ESG Funds  The Wall Street Journal
  3. SEC weighs crackdown on phony environmental and social justice funds  TechCrunch
  4. FASB to Tackle Rule-Making on Accounting for Environmental Credits  The Wall Street Journal
  5. SEC unveils rules to prevent misleading claims and enhance disclosures by ESG funds  CNBC
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  1. Stock market news live updates: May 26, 2022  Yahoo Finance
  2. Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Macy's, Twitter, Medtronic and more  CNBC
  3. Dow extends gains as U.S. stocks trade sharply higher Thursday morning  MarketWatch
  4. S&P 500, Dow open higher on earnings optimism  Reuters
  5. Dow rises 400 points as it seeks to break out of 8-week slump; retail shares gain  CNBC
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  1. Broadcom to Acquire VMware in $61 Billion Enterprise Computing Deal  The New York Times
  2. Broadcom announces plans to buy VMware in $61 billion deal  CNBC
  3. Broadcom to buy VMware for $61 billion in cash and stock  CNBC Television
  4. Broadcom's $61 Billion VMware Buy Is a Bet on Unsexy Software  The Wall Street Journal
  5. Chipmaker Broadcom to buy cloud services firm VMware in $61 bln deal
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After 30 years, the world can now play the lost Marble Madness II  Ars Technica
  1. PS5 Supply Issues a 'Top Priority' for Sony as It Aims to Overtake PS4 Again in 2024  Push Square
  2. Sony vows to ramp up PS5 production to levels 'never achieved before'  Engadget
  3. Sony plans PlayStation 5 production ramp up  Reuters
  4. PS5 Shortages Expected To Stabilize And Overtake PS4 Sales By 2024  Game Informer
  5. Is it worth getting a 8K TV for PS5, or should you stick with 4K instead?  T3
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  1. This 'Crab' Is The Smallest Remote-Controlled Walking Robot Ever Built  ScienceAlert
  2. Northwestern engineers invent the world's smallest remote-controlled walking robots  CNN
  3. Tiny robotic crab is smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot  NorthwesternU
  4. The teeniest robot in the world is a jumping crab  Mashable
  5. Northwestern researchers develop smallest-ever walking robot in crab shape Northwestern researchers develop smallest-ever walking robot  Daily Northwestern
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  1. A PC monitor with a 500 Hz refresh rate is coming from Asus  Ars Technica
  2. Asus Reveals The World's First 500Hz Nvidia G-Sync Gaming Monitor  GameSpot
  3. Computex monitor madness: 500Hz, 48-inch OLED and more  Digital Trends
  4. ASUS' ROG Swift Is a 500 Hz Monitor Designed for Fast-Paced Action Games  HYPEBEAST
  5. Computex 2022: ASUS Announces ROG Swift 500 Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor  AnandTech
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  1. This Is Us Series Finale: Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley Reveal What You Didn't Hear in Those Eulogies  TVLine
  2. This Is Us: Season 6 Review  IGN
  3. 'This Is Us' series finale: Where every major character ended up  Insider
  4. 'This Is Us' Delivers a Remarkable, Low-Key Series Finale  Pajiba Entertainment News
  5. This Is Us’ series finale is a gentle goodbye hug  The A.V. Club
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  1. Priscilla Presley in tears as 'Elvis' receives 12-minute standing ovation at Cannes  Page Six
  2. Elvis Review  IGN
  3. ‘Elvis’ Review: Baz Luhrmann’s Deliriously Awful Biopic Is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at 4,000 M.P.H.  IndieWire
  4. Elvis Reviews Praise Butler's Acting & Movie's Visuals (But Not Much Else)  Screen Rant
  5. Elvis review – Baz Luhrmann’s squeaky-clean King is shaking no one up  The Guardian
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  1. Amber Heard Expected To Take Stand Again Following Depp's Last Rebuttal Witness – Day 24 | LIVE  ET Canada
  2. Johnny Depp gets into tense exchange with Amber Heard's lawyer over sexually explicit texts  Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Amber Heard lawyer claims expert is biased because she had dinner with Depp once  LiveNOW from FOX
  4. Johnny Depp Says He Called Warner Bros. About Amber Heard's Aquaman Role: 'I Curbed Their Worries'  PEOPLE
  5. Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial live: breaking news, updates today 26 May  AS USA
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  1. Kim Kardashian Apologizes to Family for Years of Kanye's Attacks  TMZ
  2. Kim Kardashian apologizes to family for how Kanye treated them: 'I will never let that happen to you guys again'  Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Kim Kardashian Apologized To Her Family For How Kanye West Treated Them During Their Marriage Two Years After He Called Her And Kris Jenner “White Supremacists” In A Series Of Now-Deleted Tweets  BuzzFeed News
  4. The Kardashians: Kim Kardashian Apologizes to Family About Her Kanye West Relationship  E! NEWS
  5. Kim Kardashian Offers Apology to Family Over Impact of Kanye West Relationship  Complex
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  1. The Heat Are Running Out of Time to Find Answers Against the Celtics  The Ringer
  2. #2 CELTICS at #1 HEAT | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | May 25, 2022  NBA
  3. Jaylen Brown leads Celtics' second-half turnaround as Boston beats Miami Heat to reach brink of advancing to NBA Finals  ESPN
  4. Kendrick Perkins said Jaylen Brown is ‘handling the ball like me’ as the Celtics guard’s turnovers pile up
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  1. Colin Kaepernick works out for the Las Vegas Raiders. Here is what we know.  USA TODAY
  2. NFL World Reacts To Controversial Colin Kaepernick Opinion  The Spun
  3. Colin Kaepernick completes workout with Las Vegas Raiders, source says  ESPN
  4. Colin Kaepernick workout is a long-overdue move for quarterback-needy Las Vegas Raiders | Opinion  Yahoo News Canada
  5. Could Colin Kaepernick be the latest big name addition to the AFC West?  104.3 The Fan
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  1. EU Commission satisfied with guarantees for Chelsea sale proceeds  We Ain't Got No History
  2. Todd Boehly taking over Chelsea is 'good news for Chelsea fans' - Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC  ESPN UK
  3. Chelsea - L.A. Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly's bid approved by UK government  ESPN
  4. Portugal approves sale of Chelsea by Abramovich  The Associated Press - en Español
  5. What Is Todd Boehly's Net Worth In 2022?  SPORTbible
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  1. Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden wins two early legal battles vs. NFL as judge denies motions  CBS Sports
  2. NFL loses its first battle to strike down Jon Gruden’s lawsuit against the league  Yahoo Sports
  3. Front Office Sports reporter says, 'It was a big victory' for Jon Gruden in court  KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas
  4. Once a Raider, Always a Raider? Jon Gruden puts credo to the test after court appearance vs. NFL  Raiders Wire
  5. Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden's lawsuit against the NFL is cleared for public trial  Daily Mail
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  1. 'Sharkcano' view from space shows an undersea volcano erupting
  2. Undersea 'sharkcano' eruption captured in spectacular satellite images
  3. NASA Snaps Photos of Underwater 'Sharkcano' Erupting | Smart News  Smithsonian Magazine
  4. So, sharkcanos are a thing  Mic
  5. Mutant sharks living inside deadly ‘Sharkcano’ revealed as Nasa reveals jaw-dropping eruption photo...  The US Sun
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  1. Boeing capsule lands back on Earth after space shakedown  New York Post
  2. Touchdown! Boeing's Starliner returns to Earth from space station
  3. Live Video: Boeing’s Starliner Lands on Earth  The New York Times
  4. Boeing's Starliner capsule lands, completing a crucial step toward carrying NASA astronauts  CNBC
  5. Starliner Completes Test Mission With Soft Landing  AVweb
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  1. Live coverage: SpaceX launches rideshare mission, lands another Falcon booster – Spaceflight Now  Spaceflight Now
  2. SpaceX  SpaceX
  3. SpaceX delivers 59 spacecraft to orbit on fifth flawless rideshare launch  Teslarati
  4. Watch SpaceX launch and land at Cape Canaveral with sonic booms  Florida Today
  5. SpaceX launches 59 payloads, including Spaceflight’s latest breed of orbital tug  GeekWire
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  1. Tau Herculids meteor shower could unleash 1,000 shooting stars per hour  The Washington Post
  2. Potential Meteor Shower or Storm  WFLA News Channel 8
  3. Late May meteor shower has potential to become a major ‘meteor storm’
  4. Potential new meteor shower is 'all or nothing event,' says NASA astronomer
  5. Shattered comet could produce dazzling meteor shower: How to watch the tau Herculids
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  1. Vaccines Only Offer Modest Protection Against Long COVID  SciTechDaily
  2. We're finally learning more about long Covid  CNN
  3. Study: 20% of adults under 65 with COVID will be ‘long haulers’  WDAF FOX4 Kansas City
  4. Vaccines may not prevent many symptoms of long covid, study suggests  The Washington Post
  5. Got long Covid? Seniors should prepare to go slow  CNN
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  1. Warning signs ahead of monkeypox outbreak went unheeded, experts say  STAT
  2. Monkeypox is a dangerous disease threat — but has one key difference from Covid, epidemic coalition says  CNBC
  3. Monkeypox is spreading among gay men worldwide  aidsmap
  4. FIND to present an overview of disease surveillance status and diagnostics to combat monkeypox  News-Medical.Net
  5. CDC monkeypox warning urges 'enhanced precautions' for travel  The Washington Post
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  1. Rebound COVID after Paxlovid calls for 5 days isolation, CDC says  USA TODAY
  2. CDC: A Paxlovid rebound may be ‘natural’ part of a COVID-19 infection  MarketWatch
  3. COVID patients taking Paxlovid may experience 'rebounding' symptoms, CDC says  Good Morning America
  4. Some COVID patients treated with Paxlovid see symptoms return after recovery  CBS News
  5. Some COVID patients treated with Paxlovid see symptoms return  CBS Boston
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  1. Latest Legionnaires’ Outbreak in the Bronx Kills 1 and Sickens 18  The New York Times
  2. Legionnaires Outbreak in New York City Leads to 18 Sick and 1 Dead  PEOPLE
  3. Legionnaires' disease death in the Bronx  FOX 5 New York
  4. 1 dead in Bronx Legionnaires outbreak, now 19 confirmed cases  WABC-TV
  5. One dead, eight hospitalized as Legionnaires' disease outbreak in Highbridge section grows – Bronx Times  Bronx Times
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