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Russia halts U.S. nuclear inspections; Biden ratifies Finland and Sweden's NATO membership  CNBC
Russia Is Shopping Around the World for Military Weapons for its War in Ukraine  Bloomberg
Moscow rejects Zelenskyy’s call for travel ban on Russians  Al Jazeera English
Deadly Crimea blasts are 'just the beginning,' Ukraine warns Russia  The Washington Post
Russia dangles freedom to prisoners if they fight in Ukraine. Many are taking the deadly gamble.  CNN
August 9, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Russia says oil flows to three European Union members have been halted.  The New York Times
U.S. approves $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine; UN chief calls Russian attack on nuclear plant 'suicidal'  CNBC
'We Know How It Feels': For the Finnish Ambassador, Russia's War in Ukraine Is Personal  Foreign Policy
How Russia Propaganda Is Reaching Beyond English Speakers  The New York Times
Analysis | Russia has lost up to 80000 troops in Ukraine. Or 75000. Or is it 60000?  The Washington Post
Russia Stops New START Inspections in Latest Nuclear Bluff  Foreign Policy
US officials concerned as Russia launches Iranian satellite  BBC
Russians have begun training on Iranian drones, US believes  CNN
How Russia Took Over Ukraine's Internet in Occupied Territories  The New York Times
Stop Tiptoeing Around Russia: It Is Time to End Washington's Decades of Deference to Moscow  Foreign Affairs Magazine
Another Month in Deflation Helps Russia Turn Page on Price Shock  Bloomberg
August 4, 2022 Brittney Griner verdict and Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Russia May Give Up Majority Stake in Eurasian Development Bank  Bloomberg
Russia, Ukraine trade accusations over nuclear plant attacks  The Associated Press - en Español
New York company raises $120k to make Zelenskyy action figure  Al Jazeera English
'It's just hell': Ukraine says Russia has the upper hand in Donbas; U.S. approves Sweden and Finland to NATO  CNBC
In Africa, Blinken seeks to beguile, not browbeat, over Russia  The Washington Post
Imposing Additional Costs on Russia for Its Continued War Against Ukraine - United States Department of State  Department of State
Northrop Grumman moves Antares rocket work to U.S. from Russia and Ukraine with Firefly partnership  CNBC
A young man attempts to escape from Kherson amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine  NPR
Video: James and Mariya Calkins respond to Russia New Year's event  Pensacola News Journal
Finland and Estonia urge EU to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians  Financial Times
Zelenskyy says Russia using gas to terrorize Europe; About 80 grain vessels ready to leave Ukraine  CNBC
How Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Would Go, According to Zelensky's Adviser  Newsweek
Russia’s Shortfalls Create an Opportunity for Ukraine, Western Officials Say  The New York Times
Exclusive: Russia starts stripping jetliners for parts as sanctions bite  Reuters
Many Countries in G20 Are Not Keen to Sanction Russia for Ukraine War  Bloomberg
Russia faces 'economic oblivion' despite claims of short-term resilience, economists say  CNBC
Ukraine Disowns Viktor Petrenko, Who Skated in Russia  The New York Times
China Exports to Russia Boom in Return to Near Pre-War Highs  Bloomberg
Russia restricts imports of agriculture products from Moldova
Deadlock with Russia over Nord Stream gas turbine is not our fault, Siemens Energy CEO says  CNBC
Alarm mounts in western capitals over Turkey's deepening ties with Russia  Financial Times
Russia: New Bogus Charge Against Opposition Politician  Human Rights Watch
July 22, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Russia-Ukraine War: United States to provide $89 million for removing land mines in Ukraine  Times Now
Russia-Appointed Deputy Mayor Of Ukrainian Town Detained On Criminal Charges  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Russia Sets Its Sights on Ukraine's Biggest Port City  Foreign Policy
Russia-Ukraine latest updates: Kyiv dismisses Schroeder comments  Al Jazeera English
Why isn't Russia blocking GPS in Ukraine?  The Economist
White House says Iran may provide Russia with hundreds of drones  The Washington Post
The X-37B Makes Russia and China Freak For a Reason  19FortyFive
North Korea ready to send 100,000 troops to Ukraine to help Russia: Russian state media  Times Now
August 1, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Mongolia's Prime Minister On Looking Beyond Russia and China | Time  TIME
Turkey offers 'a warehouse and bridge' for metals trade to Russia  Reuters
Blinken says allowing Russia to bully Ukraine would mean 'open season' worldwide
Florida’s war on public education looks a lot like Russia’s  The Hill
US says Russia aims to fabricate evidence in prison deaths  The Associated Press
July 20, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Russia's Ukraine war effort running 'out of steam' as Putin's ability to spy in Europe cut in half, MI6 chief says  CNN
Russia's “Filtration” Operations, Forced Disappearances, and Mass Deportations of Ukrainian Citizens - United States Department of State  Department of State
Russia Tipped To Remove Pratt & Whitney Engines From Test MC-21s  Simple Flying
UK to send more weapons to Ukraine; more than 9.5 million Ukrainians have fled  CNBC
July 29, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
U.S. and Ukraine Wait to See if Russia Keeps Word  The New York Times
Russia is plundering gold in Sudan to boost Putin's war effort in Ukraine  CNN
Russia-Ukraine war updates for July 20, 2022  CNBC
A second wave of Russians is fleeing Putin's regime  CNBC
Ukraine Updates: Russia Signals a More Aggressive Phase of Combat  The New York Times
‘We Will Kill Them Again’: As Russia Advances, Ukrainians Dig In  Rolling Stone
Ukraine latest updates: Russia says aim is regime change in Kyiv  Al Jazeera English
Russia declares plans to grab more land in Ukraine  The Associated Press
Russia is recruiting thousands of volunteers to replenish its ranks in Ukraine. Prior experience isn't always required  CNN
Russia Reaches Out to Iran for Help in Countering West  The New York Times
July 12, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
U.S. Warns That Russia Plans to Annex Captured Territory in Ukraine  The New York Times
Russia's Middle East Influence Continues Despite Ukraine War  Foreign Policy
Blinken Resists Push to Label Russia a Terrorist State  The New York Times
Russia says it'll withdraw from International Space Station after 2024  The Washington Post
What happened to Russia’s anti-war movement?  Al Jazeera English
Ukraine News: West Condemns Russia’s Strike on Odesa Port  The New York Times
British man dies in detention in Russian separatist territory; 45 countries pledge to punish Russian war crimes  CNBC
July 11, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Russia's moves in Africa problematic for U.S. interests, general agrees  The Washington Post
Ukraine Points to Added Urgency as Russia Reinforces Southern Front  The New York Times
July 14, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Ukraine News: Russia Seeks to Rally Support From African Allies  The New York Times
Russia's Economy Really Is Crumbling Under Sanctions  Foreign Policy
US envoy: Russia intends to dissolve Ukraine from world map  The Associated Press
On Navy Day, Putin says United States is main threat to Russia
Russia vows to ramp up operations as rockets pound Ukraine  Reuters
Putin says West cannot isolate Russia or send it back in time  Al Jazeera English
US officials say 'biggest fear' has come true as Russia cuts gas supplies to Europe  CNN
U.S.-supplied rockets helping Ukraine retain defensive lines; Putin and Erdogan to talk grain exports  CNBC
The Kaliningrad region is a flashpoint for Russia's relationship with the West  NPR
Russia Election Threat Persists Amid War in Ukraine, Officials Say  The New York Times
How Russia's current war in Ukraine echoes its Crimean War of the 1850s  NPR
Russia pounds major Ukrainian city after expanding war aims  The Associated Press
July 27, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
Russia's Medvedev: Attack on Crimea will ignite 'Judgement Day' response
Russia still holding more than 400 Western-owned aircraft  The Washington Post
Zelenskyy downplays potential for ceasefire; Biden signs off on more weapons for Ukraine  CNBC
Russia ‘doesn’t have the courage’ to admit defeat, says Zelenskiy – as it happened  The Guardian

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