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When: 19 - 21 September 2018
Where: Nassau, Bahamas
The WSG 2018 Annual Meeting and host firm Graham Thompson welcomed 98 professionals at the WSG 2018 Annual Meeting in in Nassau, Bahamas on 19 - 21 September. The program featured engaging guest speakers and panel perspectives and offered several premium opportunities for delegates to network among professionals across the WSG Network.

Guest Speakers, Moderators and Panelists
in order of appearance
Thursday, 20 September


1. Middle Class Mojo - Lost & Found. The Crucial Role the Middle Class Plays in Economies Around the Globe & Who is Looking Around the Corner for this Vital Group

Guest Speaker
Peter Kiernan
Former Partner, Bestselling Author
Goldman Sachs

Peter D. Kiernan, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author, focused on America’s greatest challenge—and opportunity—the restoration of the middle class to its full promise and potential. Mr. Kiernan’s presentation covered a brief history of the American middle class, from the middle class’ bountiful beginnings following World War II to current events at home and abroad that have further shaken and shaped the middle class as it stands today. Mr Kiernan also shared his vision for the future middle class—still a skillful and talented influence in the world today. Finally, he left the audience with a reminder—or mantra—that all countries should protect and continue to develop their middle class to prominence. This new frontier thesis shows that middle-class greatness is again within our grasp—if we take some powerful medicine and seize the global opportunity.

2. The Global Challenges of Cybersecurity and Digital Terrorism

Guest Speaker
Richard Ledgett
Former Deputy Director
National Security Agency

“What are the relevant national security threats that can impact you and your clients? With over 30 years in top positions in the National Security Agency, Rick Ledgett served under Presidents Obama and Trump and led the task force that responded to the Snowden theft of documents. He is uniquely placed to bring a front row seat to the cyber intelligence world, the issues that the impact that they have on you, your business and global security.

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3. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Lessons Learned in Becoming Compliant

By the time of the WSG 2018 Annual Meeting, GDPR implementation had been in effect for nearly four months. Effective May 25, 2018, any organization that is not up to speed with the EU’s new data privacy laws will be subject to stiff penalties — including fines equal to 2-4% of global annual turnover. GDPR has jurisdiction over any organization that collects or processes the personal data of EU residents without regard to the organization’s geographic location, so the impact of this legislation is worldwide. Mary Hildebrand, Maria Ostashenko and Regina Glaser addressed the successes and failures of compliance efforts being made by various organizations, as well as, practical integration strategies regarding some of the most complex issues raised by GDPR. Mary, Maria & Regina identified and prioritized the key aspects of GDPR for business leaders.

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4. Europe - Stability, the Future and the Role of Diplomacy

Guest Speaker
Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff
The Austrian Embassy in Prague

Ambassador Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff explored the new norms of Governmental interaction within Europe and how this impacts the individual and collective global relationships within the European Block. Topics explored included the influence of the European parliament in the future, Brexit as phenomenon, and the internal and diplomatic forces that will likely continue to affect the way that you do business in Europe. Ambassador Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff also discussed Europe under the Austrian Presidency and these new trends of institutional development and governmental interaction and how they will impact the individual and collective global relationships within the European Block. Ambassador Trauttmansdorff also covered the impact of the European parliament, the subsequent strengthening of regional co-operation and the repercussions of this on the way you do business in Europe.

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5. The Future of Offshore Financial Centers and the Challenges of Global Tax Initiatives

Guest Speaker
Richard Hay
Head of Tax
Stikeman Elliott

International financial centers facilitate globalization, business and finance. These activities are viewed skeptically in a populist world yet we all want the goods and services produced by this process. IFCs are often portrayed as secretive and poorly regulated. Richard Hay discussed untrustworthy investments, and separated fact from fiction and looked at comparative regulatory standards, the role of IFCs in the world economy and how the lives of ‘ordinary people’- in rich and emerging countries- are affected by IFC activity in cross-border trade and investment.

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Friday, 21 September


6. Entrepreneurship in Fintech: A Women’s Rise…from Farm to Financier to Inventor

Guest Speaker
Jane Siebels
Siebels Asset Management Research

Entrepreneurship in Fintech: A women’s rise…from farm to financier to inventor. Jane started her own money market fund seeded by smart-money legends Julian Robertson, of New York’s famed Tiger Fund, and the late mutual-fund pioneer Sir John Templeton. Growing up on a farm in Anamosa Iowa, she became one of the top 3 women leaders in the funds world while also bringing her own inventions to market and successfully navigating the world of patents and technology. Jane looked at the rise of women in these fast-paced industries, their changing roles and dynamics - future steps for for women in these areas.

7. The Law Firm Relevancy Checklist for 2020

Guest Speaker
Gerry Riskin
Founding Partner & Global Consultant
Edge International

Gerry Riskin drew on his global experience to help cultivate a healthy law firm in 2020 with a focus on the optimal practices in leadership, management, technology, security, succession and alternative billing.

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