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Tomasz Wardynski

Tomasz Wardynski



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Tomasz Wardynski CBE, an advocate and a founding partner, acts as arbitrator in arbitration proceedings with the participation of foreign and domestic entities. His areas of specialisation cover civil, commercial and competition law. Many international financial institutions have benefited from his expertise in various undertakings. He has widely recognised experience in negotiations on large public projects. In Poland, he was one of the first lawyers to develop specialisations in EU and competition law.
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Arbitration / Mediation | International Law | International Trade | Litigation | Public Finance

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  • International Bar Association

This Pandemic will not Reverse Globalisation, but it will Threaten the Transnational Rule of Law
Wardynski & Partners, May 2020

It is a common concern among commentators on international relations that the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to deglobalisation. Indeed, the havoc wrought by the pandemic in the global economy raises some unsettling questions about the fragility of global supply chains, especially in critical industries, and about the interdependency of national economies. It is nudging sentiment towards reshoring, promoting domestic production and protectionism...

"Flattening the Curve" of Post-Pandemic Disputes
Wardynski & Partners, March 2020

Justice systems around the world will soon be exposed to the same pressure as is currently crushing healthcare systems in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. What can judges and advocates doto “flatten the curve” and increase the resilience of the justice system as it awaits the post-pandemic wave of disputes? Healthcare systems around the globe are wobbling, and in some states collapsing under atsunami of Covid-19 cases...

Technology and Its Discontents
Wardynski & Partners, September 2017

Any new technology that gains universal application changes the existing world. The reconfiguration occurs imperceptibly but thoroughly. But in this new reality, how should the rule of law, values essential to the civil society and human rights be protected? A new economic reality functioning in cyberspace has arisen before our very eyes. Human activity, both positive and negative, is moving to the virtual arena that functions above and beyond state borders...

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