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Saskia Laseur

Saskia Laseur


Saskia has worked as a civil-law notary for nearly 20 years, having gained her notarial expertise in The Hague. The semi-public sector is her specialization. Saskia believes that civil-law notaries need to keep up with the times, by being a proactive legal advisor, in addition to providing traditional notarial services. She adheres to this approach both inside and outside the profession, for instance, she was a member of the national board of the Royal Netherlands Notarial Organisation for three years.

Saskia acts as a civil-law notary and consultant for various governmental bodies, non-profit institutes and umbrella organizations. She regularly speaks at conventions, seminars and meetings. Governance and long‑term collaboration in the public sector, as well as the duties and powers of managing and supervisory directors, are frequent themes for her.

Recently, she appeared on the television programme Je kunt het niet meenemen (You Cannot Take it with You), counselling families on dividing up family capital.

Saskia heads the Van Doorne Education team, and co-authored the Health Care, Educational Institutions and Charities & Charity Foundations Toolkits guide, published by the National Register of Supervisory Directors and Regulatory Bodies.

Partly due to her effective implementation and development of Van Doorne s diversity policy, the firm won the Diversity Award for both the legal and notarial professions in 2009.
Areas of Practice

Education Law | Healthcare & Life Sciences | Knowledge & Education | Social Entrepreneurship

Professional Career

Professional Associations

She was on the board of the KNB for three years.


She speaks regularly at congresses, seminars and other events.

Professional Activities and Experience

Saskia Laseur has ten years experience as a notary. She began her career in the Hague, initially at a traditional practice, followed by functions at various specialized organisations.

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