Chilean Superintendence of Environment and Environmental Assessment Service Order the Suspension of Terms and Enforce Virtual Channels in the Context of Covid-19 

March, 2020 - Rafael Vergara, Manuel José Barros and Julio Recordon

Superintendence of Environment orders the suspension of terms and enforces virtual channels in the context of Covid-19

The Superintendence of Environment has suspended all of sanctioning proceedings and implemented virtual channels to receive consultations, complaints and replace its reception office.

These measures complement the instructions referred to the compliance with environmental obligations in the current sanitary context (which are currently in force by means of their publication in the Official Gazette on March 24) see here.

Terms suspension

On March 23, 2020 the Superintendence of Environment (“SMA”) issued Exempt Resolution No. 518 (“Res. 518”) - download resolution (spanish) - , which orders the suspension of the terms of the following proceedings, from March 23, 2020 to March 31, 2020, both dates included:

  • Sanctioning proceedings initiated by the SMA.
  • Administrative terms for the fulfillment of measures, information requirements and any other diligences ordered by the SMA in other proceedings pursuant to its sanctioning, inspection and regulatory powers.

Res. 518 does not affect the compliance with other type of obligations before the SMA.

Enforcement of virtual channels

In order to provide continuity to its service within the Covid-19 context, the SMA enforced the following virtual channels:


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Environmental Assessment Service orders the suspension of the terms of the projects with citizen participation processes and enforces virtual channels in the context of Covid-19


Terms suspension:

On March 20, 2020 the Environmental Assessment Service (“SEA”) issued Exempt Resolution No. 20209910194, by means of which it suspended from March 20, 2020 to March 21, 2020 (both dates included) the terms of the following environmental impact assessment proceedings:

  • Environmental Impact Declarations (“EID”) and Environmental Impact Studies (“EIS”) with ongoing citizenship participation processes.
  • EID with environmental burdens in which the execution of a citizen participation process has been established.
  • EID and EIS in which a new citizen participation process is initiated.
  • EIS submitted to the Environmental Impact Assessment System within the abovementioned term.
  • EID and EIS in which meetings with people belonging to indigenous communities must be held.


Virtual Reception Office

On March 20, 2020 the SEA issued Exempt Resolution No. 20209910195, by means of which virtual reception offices for the Regional Directions and the Executive Directions are enforced. These offices work through emails. This mechanism will have effect upon SEA’s decision, which is subject to the sanitary contingency.


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