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COVID-19 "Antivirus Programme" – Key Financial Assistance for Employers in the Czech Republic- Part I 

by KSB Covid-19 Task Force

Published: April, 2020

Submission: April, 2020


Are you considering how to maintain employment of your employees and minimize economic losses? Take a look at what financial instruments the state has prepared for entrepreneurs whose employees have been affected, directly or indirectly, by government measures taken to combat coronavirus.

Under the Antivirus program, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA) has prepared several types of compensation for employers, depending on the different situations in which they may be located. Details of how to apply for compensation or how government authorities will assess compliance with the conditions for payment of compensation should be known later this week.

When can I apply?

from 6 April 2020

Where and how do I apply?

At the Labour Office - electronically

For what period can I apply?In the first phase, for compensation paid to employees in March 2020, according to the duration of the obstacles to work below.

Can I claim a contribution for all my employees?

It will always depend on why the employee is not working – i.e., what is the reason for his / her obstacle to work. Even if the employee is at home for any of the reasons given below, the contribution can only be claimed for an employee ("on contract") - the employee must not be in the notice period, must not be dismissed and must participate in sickness and pension insurance.At the same time, it is necessary for the employer to pay the employee's salary first and make the mandatory deductions.

Consider therefore, your situation and which of the cases below apply to your business:



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