Real Time COVID-19 Bulletin - Week of June 15, 2020 

June, 2020 -

Bogotá DC Mayor's Office is preparing a package of new measures for the city

The Bogota City Hall has advanced a series of new measures in order to continue fighting the expansion of COVID-19. Particularly, the orange alert has been declared in the hospital system of Intensive Care Units, with which, the District Health Secretariat will give guidelines on patient care and will manage their referral to ICUs. Likewise, the peak and ID returns to carry out the authorized activities within the framework of compulsory preventive isolation.

Economic recovery: Free route to domestic flights in Colombia

The National Government authorized the creation of pilot plans for domestic flights in Colombia, provided that certain requirements are met. Within the established conditions, we highlight the need for the mayors of the municipalities and districts in which the origin and destination airports are located, to request the start of the pilot plan from the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transport and Aeronautics. Civil. Taking advantage of this initiative, the National Government included other economic sectors whose reactivation will be made through the implementation of pilot plans.

Support for the payment of the service premium in the agricultural sector

On the occasion of the health emergency and its economic consequences in the agricultural sector, the Ministry of Labor created the Support Program for the Payment of the Service Premium - PAP for this sector. The PAP has certain conditions that must be observed and its objective is to grant the beneficiary a single monetary contribution of a state nature, in order to support and subsidize the first payment of the 2020 service premium.

Attention to users and provision of services of the Superintendency of Companies

In order to guarantee that certain activities continue to be carried out, the Superintendency of Companies has indicated the measures that must be adopted to fulfill said purpose. Among the provisions described by the entity, the resumption of terms for the presentation of the reorganization agreement and other jurisdictional actions stands out.

Extension of hours for the execution of works

The National Government allowed mayors to authorize demolition, construction or repair works between 6 PM and 8 AM, inclusive, on holidays and in residential areas. The above, without the need to request an exceptional permit for them.

Guidelines for access to drinking water and basic sanitation: MinViviend

The Ministry of Housing has given guidelines on goals of coverage, quality, continuity and assurance in access to basic drinking water and basic sanitation. Additionally, a planning process was established that must be followed by territorial entities, incorporating, among other things, a diagnosis and the formulation of goals and identification of projects that may be financed by local governments.

Administrative and jurisdictional actions of the CRA restart

The procedural terms of the administrative actions of a particular nature, of the disciplinary processes and the matters of coercive jurisdiction in charge of the Special Administrative Unit Commission of Regulation of Potable Water and Basic Sanitation are resumed. The particular administrative actions and disciplinary processes will be carried out by electronic means.

ANI has ordered the reactivation of infrastructure projects

Since the inclusion of the development of transport infrastructure works within the exceptions to the mandatory isolation measure, the ANI had been gradually advancing the reactivation of the contracts under its responsibility. Although the ANI initially ordered the suspension of a total of 21 administrative actions and some contractual obligations, this entity ordered the progressive reactivation of its concessions through the works reactivation plans.


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