Real Time COVID-19 Bulletin - Week of June 22-26 

June, 2020 - Juan Puerta

Free way to different sports disciplines, among them, the practice of Golf.

The Ministry of Sports issued Resolution 632 of 2020, approving the specific biosafety protocol for playing Golf that was presented by the Colombian Golf Federation. The protocol describes the measures that the clubs must implement on the golf courses for their reopening, for recreational practice, and exclusively covers the complex of facilities inherent in a standard golf course.

The training and competition of professional soccer players in Colombia returns.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 993 of 2020 by means of which it adopts the biosafety protocol for the management and control of the risk of COVID-19 in activities related to the training and competition of professional soccer players. This rule will apply to professional soccer players, coaches and the minimum logistics personnel required for sports practice, linked to the clubs affiliated to DIMAYOR and duly recognized by the Colombian Soccer Federation.

New decisions of the Constitutional Court on the economic emergency.

Find out here about the most recent decisions adopted by the Constitutional Court on legislative decrees, in which the high constitutional court ruled on the unconstitutionality of certain provisions adopted by the National Government during the economic emergency.

Administration rules of the Fondo Nacional de Garantías SA regarding access to credit.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit established certain regulations related to the administration of the Fondo Nacional de Garantías SA, through which the special authorization framework of the FNG is created to give access to credit with the transferred resources and comply with Decree 492 of 2020.

Bancóldex Lines of Credit for companies in Fusagasugá and the Transport sector.

The Mayor's Office of Fusagasugá and Bancóldex have designed a preferential credit solution aimed at maintaining liquidity for micro and small companies in the region with an amount of approximately COP 4,800,000,000. The validity of the quota would be until the exhaustion of the resources provided by the Fusagasugá Mayor's Office and the beneficiaries will be natural and legal persons, considered as micro and small companies, with their main domicile in the city of Fusagasugá. On the other hand, in order to combat the negative effects on companies in the transport sector, the Ministry of Transport and Bancóldex have established a preferential credit solution aimed at maintaining the liquidity of companies in the transport sector.

Rules on bill payment for users of Non-Interconnected Zones: CREG

CREG has created a series of transitory rules related to the payment of the invoice value for the domiciliary public service of electrical energy with respect to the regulated users of the electrical energy service in the Non-Interconnected Zones. The measurement by average consumption will only be applicable to those users regulated in Non-Interconnected Zones whose billing is made based on the individual measurement of their consumption.

Creation of biosecurity protocols for the real estate and remodeling, commerce and port sectors.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has given free rein to the creation of biosafety protocols to be implemented for the reactivation of the real estate and remodeling sectors, commerce (referenced by the ISIC codes) and port activities in Colombia.



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