Real Time Newsletter - June 1, 2021 

June, 2021 - Real Time: Brigard Urrutia

New measures for state contracting for economic reactivation.

Through Decree 579 of 2021, issued on May 31 by the National Planning Department, certain transitory paragraphs enshrined in Decree 1082 of 2015 or the sole Regulatory Decree of the Administrative Planning Sector, were replaced in matters of state contracting. To understand the measure, it should be mentioned that previously the DNP issued Decree 399 of April 2021, the purpose of which is to promote economic reactivation, allowing the selection procedures of state entities to evaluate the financial and organizational capacity of the bidders. , taking into account only the best fiscal year of the proponent in the last three years. With this measure, it is also expected that in the contracting processes there will be a greater plurality of bidders. See more


The Ministry of Health issued the norm extension of the sanitary emergency.

On May 26, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 738 of 2021 in which the health emergency was extended for 90 more days. Because the International Health Regulations consider that a public health emergency is an extraordinary international event as long as, firstly, it constitutes a health risk generating international spread, and secondly, it requires a coordinated international response, adding that the behavior of the virus in the country has been asynchronous between regions, it was decided to extend the health emergency until August 31 of this year, although the health emergency may end before that date when the causes that gave rise to it disappear. See more


Colombia enters the Safe Economic Reactivation phase.

Through Decree 580 of 2021, the National Government announced within the framework of the progressive reactivation of economic, social and State activities, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection must issue the criteria and conditions that allow the development of said activities, of according to the epidemiological conditions, the availability of the health service and the progress of the vaccination plan. Only the mayors of municipalities and districts in which the ICU occupancy is greater than 85% may restrict some activities, areas and zones to control the pandemic. In these cases, discotheques or events that involve crowding of people may not be enabled in person, but hotels, restaurants and parks should be excluded, in the case in which the peak and card measure is implemented. See more



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