Navigating the Fintech Revolution in Thailand 

August, 2021 - Segolene Leffy

‘Navigating the Fintech Revolution in Thailand’ is the indispensable must-read guide for fintech experts who want to stay up-to-date on all current and future fintech developments and successfully navigate the sector’s many challenges and pitfalls!

In this edition, DFDL reports on the current state of fintech in Thailand from a legislative and policy perspective with an overview of the current and future fintech landscape. COVID-19 has thrust the world into recession and its related domino effects have given rise to rapid and accelerating changes. Many industries have moved online as we collectively begin to embrace and advance headlong into an increasingly digitalized society. In response to unprecedented and extended lockdowns, society has become more reliant than ever before on technology, networks and new groundbreaking types of electronic payment verification and transaction processing platforms. This guide will serve as an essential reference tool for fintech professionals seeking to map the many challenges, opportunities and pitfalls when it comes to fintech in Thailand.                                                                                                                                                   


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Vinay Ahuja

Partner, Head of Regional Banking, Finance & Technology Practice
[email protected]

Ng Woan Na
Ng Woan Na
Regional Legal Adviser, China Desk
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