Trademark Act 2019 with overview by Indran Shanmuganathan and The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019  

October, 2021 - Indran Shanmuganathan

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With the enactment of the latest Trademark Act 2019, our Intellectual Property partner, Indran Shanmuganathan, has authored two books published by renowned publishers, Sweet & Maxwell namely “Trademark Act 2019 with overview by Indran Shanmuganathan” and “The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019” which is a part of Malaysian Legislation Series. These two books explore amongst other issues, reciprocal provisions in other jurisdictions and the long awaited ascension of Malaysia subscribing to the Madrid Protocol setting itself in alignment with most IP savvy jurisdictions in the world.

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Trademark Act 2019 with overview by Indran Shanmuganathan

The chapter provides anoverview which highlights the following salient features of the new Act:


The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019

The introduction of the Trademarks Act 2019 to pave the way for Malaysia to join the Madrid Protocol saw the repeal of the Trade Marks Act 1976. The implementation of the Trademarks Act 2019 is a major change to the Malaysian trademark regime, bringing it in line with the trademark statutes in other major jurisdictions including the UK and Singapore.

This publication,The Annotated Trademarks Act 2019, provides invaluable section-by-section annotations to the Trademarks Act 2019, throwing light on the application and interpretation of the provisions of the Act. It is certainly a resource which will greatly assist in the understanding and application of the new trademark system in Malaysia.

The key terms and phrases in each section are explained by reference to local and foreign case law as well as academic writing. This publication facilitates quick and easy research with the inclusion of cross-reference from the provision being annotated to comparative provisions from other jurisdictions. The annotations should prove to be very useful for lawyers, judges, trademarks agents, court officers and law students.



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