World Biofuel Industry Needs 'Internationally Recognised Standards' 

September, 2007 -

The global biofuels industry needs to be better regulated to ensure it does not harm the environment, the UK's climate change minister has stated.

Speaking at a recent conference organised by Britain's Renewable Eneregy Association, Phil Woolas MP cited several studies which have shown that biofuel production has led to deforestation and increased house prices in some areas of the world, most notably across Asia.

While biofuels are seen by many as an effective means of cutting back on carbon emissions as crops such as oilseed, sugar and grain can be substituted for conventional motor fuel, environmental groups and political campaigners have argued that, left unchecked, the industry could do as much harm as good.

"The global community must as a matter of urgency work towards the development of internationally recognised standards for biomass grown to produce biofuels," Mr Woolas said.

"I am acutely aware of the environmental concern of this, Cutting one's nose off to spite one's face is not a good policy," he added.

According to the government's Rural Economy and Land Use programme, around 15 to 20 per cent of the UK's agricultural land may have to be given over to the growing of biofuels in order to meet international obligations to reduce carbon emissions.



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