Myanmar: SAC Reconstitutes Energy Sector Ministries 

May, 2022 - Segolene Leffy

The State Administration Council (“SAC”) of Myanmar, by way of Order 33/2022, has reconstituted the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (“MOEE”) into two separate ministries: the Ministry of Electric Power (“MOEP”) and the Ministry of Energy (“MOE”).

Although there has been no clarification from the SAC, the naming of the reconstituted ministries suggests that the MOEP will retain control of power-related departments and enterprises, including the Electric Power Generation Enterprise (“EPGE”), Electricity Supply Enterprise (“ESE”), the Department of Hydropower Implementation (“DHPI”), the Department of Electric Power and Planning (“DEPP”), and the Department of Power Transmission and System Control (“DPTSC”).

Similarily, it is probable that the oil, gas and petroleum-related departments and enterprises, such as the Department of Oil and Gas Planning (“OGPD”), Petroleum Products Regulatory Department (“PPRD”), Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (“MOGE”), and Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise (“MPE”) will be under the control of the MOE.

Further, Order 32/2022 states that U Aung Than Oo, the Union Minister of the MOEE, has been granted retirement. As a replacement, by way of Order 34/2022, U Thaung Han has been appointed by the SAC as the Union Minister for both the MOEP and the MOE.

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