UK-India Commerce: Possibilities for mutual growth in FinTech 

January, 2023 - Shoosmiths LLP

FinTech is important to the financial services sector in both India and the UK. A trade agreement could facilitate FinTech growth and deepen trade between the two countries.

Kiran Desai, Head of Shoosmiths Brussels is joined by colleague Prakash Kerai to host Prashanth Ramdas of Khaitan & Co. and Jana Psarska of TechUK to discuss these three main topics:

  1. Policy, including the UK-India 2030 vision, investments by Revolut and NPCI; the state of UK FinTech; new banking licences; digital infrastructure in India; the UK-India Fintech ‘bridge’; and regulatory co-operation perhaps similar to that between the UK and Singapore.
  2. Digital lending, including existing regulatory business environment and complaints; the Reserve Bank of India guidelines on digital lending; UK proposals and the role of the Ombudsman.
  3. The regulatory environment, including innovation Pathways Support; the Regulatory Sandbox; operational resilience arrangements; mutual recognition of regulatory standards; and cooperation between banks and FinTech entities.

Listen to the podcast below and send please send any questions or feedback to [email protected].





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