In Early - The Crypto Podcast (Episode 8) 

March, 2023 - Shoosmiths LLP

Blockchain litigation lead, Matt Green will be hosting our latest podcast series, 'In Early - The Crypto Podcast' - Listen to episode 8.

This week is about Bitcoin and the Tulip Trading case (recently in the Court of Appeal), in which a claimant seeks to transfer his Bitcoin without a private key, looking for the blockchain’s software developers to transfer them for him. It’s worth considering whether what Tulip Trading (the Clamant and its boss Craig Wright) is claiming can be done at a technical level, and if so, should it be done and if so, what effect it may have on the entire infrastructure of blockchain technology.

Matt is joined by Nick Smart, an associate director for blockchain intelligence at Crystal Blockchain Analytics, which provides software for investigators to review blockchains and key data to consider the movement of funds. Nick has given his thoughts on the claim, from a technical perspective and consider what could actually happen if the Claimant were to win. We are here to consider not the law, but the facts, and provide our own independent thoughts and opinions. 

Listen to the podcast below and send your thoughts to [email protected].




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