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Doing Business in Western Canada 

by Lawson Lundell LLP

Published: June, 2014

Submission: June, 2014


As a firm with deep roots in Western Canada we can assist you in navigating the laws and regulations to establish, acquire or invest in a business operating in the region. Western Canada is among the most robust economic areas of the country with extensive resource activity in energy, mining and forestry. This guide has been prepared by Lawson Lundell as a concise resource outlining certain key relevant laws and regulations that companies should consider when doing business in Canada. The laws set out in this guide are current to March 1, 2014. Certain industries may also be subject to other laws or requirements that are not set out in this guide. We would be pleased to  speak with you about your specific plans and are delighted to welcome you to Western Canada.

When we talk about Western Canada, we refer to the four western provinces of Canada, namely (from west to east):

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan and
  • Manitoba.

British Columbia is known as “the Pacifi c province,” while Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are collectively known as “the Prairie provinces.” British Columbia and Alberta are also often jointly known as “the Mountain provinces.” Western Canada comprises almost a third of Canada’s vast landmass and around 2% of the world’s total landmass. If Western Canada were a country, it would be the eighth largest country in the world, after India and displacing Argentina.

Western Canada accounts for 32% of Canada’s GDP with economic growth outstripping the Canadian average. It has highly developed infrastructure with 9 major airports (6 of which are international), comprehensive road, rail and shipping networks and stable, affordable water and electrical utilities. 

Western Canada has a highly developed service industry. Creativity and innovation are encouraged. Western Canada is at the forefront of the global knowledge economy, supported by various universities and colleges, and a robust healthcare sector.




Lawson Lundell is a leading full service, business law firm in Western Canada. We were voted #1 Regional Law Firm in British Columbia, Alberta, and the North by Canadian Lawyer magazine (2010-2014). With offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Yellowknife, our lawyers are ideally suited to assist investors who wish to establish or expand their business in Western Canada.





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