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Bulgaria COVID-19 Tracker
Boyanov & Co., July 2020

Business in Bulgaria is experiencing a challenging legal environment in the context of rapidly changing emergency measures dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have prepared a summary of the key legal measures affecting business in the BULGARIA COVID-19 TRACKER. It will be updated daily, as necessary. Please check regularly for updates. If you have questions, please contact a member of our C19 Task Force...

Risks of Artificial Intelligence – Safety Aspects
Boyanov & Co., May 2020

Industry solutions relying on artificial intelligence (AI)are growing faster than many had predicted. In addition to the important personal data protection considerations, another important question which this new and emerging technology is raising relates to the AI safety problems and their legal response. So far, the European Union and Bulgaria have not adopted legislation specifically tackling the AI phenomenon and in particular – the safety concerns associated with AI...

Artificial Intelligence & Data Protection
Boyanov & Co., May 2020

Preface Artificial intelligence[1](AI) is widely recognised as one of the defining industrial phenomena of the 21stcentury. In today’s technology-dependent world, its potential impact on business and economic development can hardly be understated...

The 10th edition of the Balkan Legal Forum in Vienna – A Great Success
Boyanov & Co., July 2018

The 10thedition of the Forum (14th– 15thJune, Park Hyatt), titled The Future of Law: Technology and Legal Services in South East Europe: 2018-2028, was held with great interest among over 150 delegates and speakers from 30 countries from five continents including, beside the European countries, Jamaica, USA, Singapore and Australia. Borislav Boyanov, Managing Partner of BOYANOV & Co...

A Bulgarian Client of BOYANOV & Co. is looking for Investors to buy two Companies in the Fois Gras Business
Boyanov & Co., August 2015

Bulgaria is the second largest producer of foie grasin the world (after France) with about 10% of the global production (approximately 2,600 tons per year). Furthermore, France is the largest consumer of foie gras globally, importing about 3,750 tons per year, 2/3 of which come from Bulgaria. Agroplasment-92-VJSC and Bulian SJSC are the leading Bulgarian producers of foie gras and other duck products. The two companies account for approximately 1/3 of all Bulgarian foie gras exports...

A Bulgarian Client of BOYANOV & Co. is looking for Investors to buy a Company in the Tobacco Business
Boyanov & Co., August 2015

Bulgaria is the second largest producer of raw tobacco in Europe after Italy and has been a leading exporter of cigarettes and tobacco products from the 1920s onward. Slance Stara Zagora Tabac is a leading Bulgarian producer of cigarettes and tobacco products with rich experience in the selection and skillful blending of classic American and Virginia blends...

HNWI: Welcome to Bulgaria!
Boyanov & Co., July 2013

The financial services sector tends to define “high-net-worth individual” (HNWI) asan individual or a family possessing substantial amount of investable funds. There is no generally accepted prefixed denominationof the size of wealth that an individual must possess in order to fall within this category. However, high net worth is commonly used in terms of liquid assets exceeding a certain amount while precise figures differ by financial institution and region...

Is It "Secure” To Use A Security Trustee In Bulgaria?
Boyanov & Co., April 2010

1.            The Concepts of “Trust” and “Security Trustee” It would be difficult to identify a universally accepted definition of “trust” and “security trustee” although these legal concepts appear to be well-developed in common law systems and are also acknowledged in a few civil law jurisdictions...



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