PLMJ signs international commitment to improving health and well-being at work

October, 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal

PLMJ has just signed the Mindful Business Charter, which is an international movement of organisations which together promote better working practices for mental health and well-being. PLMJ co-managing partner Bruno Ferreira emphasises that, with this step, PLMJ has formalised “the commitment to promoting the constant improvement of working conditions and the environment”, adding that “this is achieved by reducing the unnecessary stress generated by working methods and habits that we must change”. The firm also launched the challenge for its employees to suggest changes in their day-to-day work that could bring improvements to everyone's well-being.

The Mindful Business Charter was launched around two years ago and already has 55 signatories that are leaders in their sectors around the world. They include major financial institutions and some of the largest international law firms, thus involving both service providers and their clients. What the signatories of this commitment have in common is that they have carried out an internal reflection on how to work in a sustainable way in the world we now live in. The conclusions are shared among all the signatories to enable them to implement the charter in a way that is tailored the situation of each business. This initiative has become even more relevant in view of the challenges we are experiencing that have had such an impact on the way we work and relate to others.