SMS Latinoamérica Takes its First Steps in Egypt

May, 2021 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

By creating the SMS Alliance division, the organization seeks to continue expanding its influence outside of Latin America to meet the needs of its clients globally and increase the volume of investments from other continents in the region.

SMS Latinoamérica, an international organization specializing in auditing, tax advisory and consulting services for companies, announced a cooperation agreement with the Haggag & Partners firm, in the city of Cairo, Egypt.
Therefore, through its SMS Alliance division, it manages to expand its reach outside the region, which means that it will have international representation in that country to satisfy the needs of its clients, and encourage the flow of investments with Latin America.

It is worth mentioning that this cooperation agreement takes place within the framework of the launch of SMS Alliance, a new division with which the company aims to reach new international cooperation agreements with companies from other continents.

“It is a very important challenge for us to take our first steps outside the region,” said Pablo San Martín, President of SMS Latinoamérica. “However, we are convinced that by associating with leading companies such as Haggag & Partners we guarantee a quality service to our clients who seek to expand their projects.”
SMS Latinoamérica has 24 member companies in Argentina; and has 60 offices in 21 countries in the region. This way, it will seek to continue strengthening its presence in other regions to meet global demand.

About SMS
SMS Latinoamérica is an international organization based in Argentina whose member companies specialize in auditing, tax advisory and consulting services for companies. Since 2008, it has been admitted as a full member of the Forum of Firms, a committee that groups companies in the world (under IFAC supervision) that work under international auditing and quality control standards. SMS Latinoamérica has offices in 21 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, forming an organization that brings together more than 1,800 professionals. More info: