Adam Bass Quoted in Reuters

January, 2022 - Los Angeles, California

Today's snazzy law offices: Wow-factor or wasteful?

By Jenna Greene

(Reuters) - "When 345-lawyer Buchalter surveyed its partners last year about returning to the office post-pandemic, the consensus was overwhelming. About 90% said they wanted to go back to working in-person, firm CEO Adam Bass told me.

But with conditions: not five days a week -- more like three, he said.

The survey mirrors what I’ve been hearing anecdotally from other lawyers for more than a year. They miss interacting with their colleagues and value the energy that comes from face-to-face collaboration.

But there’s also a lot to recommend about working from home, like the 10-second commute, soft elastic-waist pants and the dog dozing by your feet. Plus, if 2020's record profits are any indication, remote work has not impaired productivity. If anything, the opposite."

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