BREAKING (Updated): High Court Grills Attorneys Over Worker COVID Vaccination Mandates

January, 2022 - Birmingham, Alabama

Chris Puri was quoted in McKnights Long-Term Care News on COVID vaccination mandates.

The CMS and OSHA cases differ because the legal authority used by the federal government for each is different, added Christopher C. Purl, a Nashville-based attorney with Bradley and veteran long-term care representative.

The CMS rule is an act of the spending power of government – the requirements are conditions that go along with accepting Medicaid and Medicare funding, while the OSHA rule is an exercise of the federal government’s authority to regulate for safety and welfare.

“It may be easier for the federal government to defend the vaccine mandate under its spending act authority than when acting as regulatory because the government’s response to objections will be, ‘You don’t have to participate in Medicare,’” noted attorney Christopher C. Puri to McKnight’s in pre-hearing comments. Puri practices out of the Nashville office of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP and is counsel for the Tennessee Health Care Association.

In the OSHA case, 26 business groups led by the National Federation of Independent Business are arguing that the agency failed to meet legal requirements showing such an emergency measure is necessary to protect employees. Additionally, Ohio and 26 other states are challenging the rule saying it interferes with states’ sovereignty.

The complete article, "BREAKING (Updated): High Court grills attorneys over worker COVID vaccination mandates (live)," was published by McKnight's Long-Term Care News on January 7, 2022.