September, 2022 - Ukraine

On 1 September 2022, 11 new state building standards (hereafter – "SBS") which significantly changed regulation on safety of buildings and structures, resistance and stability, energy efficiency, barrier-free accessibility, environmental requirements, fire safety aspects came into force.

The new SBS are listed below:

Structures of steel silos with a corrugated wall for grain. Basic provisions of SBS 2.6-221:2021 (
Buildings and structures. Warehouse buildings. Basic provisions of SBS 2.2-43:2021 (
Buildings and structures. Buildings of refrigerators. Design basics of SBS В.2.2-42:2021 (
Heat insulation and energy efficiency of buildings. SBS В.2.6-31:2021 (
Composition and content of environmental impact assessment materials (EIA). SBS А.2.2-1:2021 (
Basic requirements for buildings and structures. Noise and vibration protection. SBS В.1.2-10:2021 (
Basic requirements for buildings and structures. Energy saving and energy efficiency. SBS В.1.2-11:2021 (
Basic requirements for buildings and structures. Fire security. SBS В.1.2-7:2021 (
Basic requirements for buildings and structures. Mechanical resistance and stability. SBS В.1.2-6:2021 (
Basic requirements for buildings and structures. Hygiene, health and environmental protection. SBS В.1.2-8:2021 (
Basic requirements for buildings and structures. Safety and accessibility during operation. SBS В.1.2-9:2021 (
SBS are obligatory for any construction activity.

Updates are aimed at:

1) ensuring the fulfilment of basic requirements for buildings and structures, in particular regarding mechanical resistance and stability, fire safety, hygiene, health and environmental protection, safety and accessibility during operation, energy saving and energy efficiency during the entire life cycle of the object.
2) ensuring accessibility and inclusiveness of residential and public spaces, which is extremely important due to number of disabled people due to war.
3) use of building information modelling (BIM) technologies.
4) establishment of modern requirements for such facilities as refrigerators, warehouses, silos for grain.
5) requirements on content of the environmental impact assessment (as a part of the project design for new construction, reconstruction and capital repair of the buildings and structures of any purpose and their complexes), determination the list of the potential environmentally dangerous influence.

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