President and Chief Executive Officer Adam Bass, Featured by The Los Angeles Business Journal

September, 2022 - Los Angeles, California

Buchalter's President and Chief Executive Officer Adam Bass was featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal "Wealthiest Angelenos Edition."

Upsets & Openings

By: Steve Crighton

"Adam J. Bass, chairman of the Family Office and Wealth Management practice at the downtown-based law firm Buchalter, said clients are acknowledging the disruptions in the market, but it’s mostly out of interest in opportunities created by the reshuffle.

'Inflation is definitely an issue, but there’s more hitting us than just that. Between the market decline and the general environment, people are trying to rebalance their portfolios to meet the economic realities of the moment,' said Bass, who also serves as chief executive and president of Buchalter. 'Still, most of our investors are committed to the longer view, so it’s not about what’s going on in this quarter or this moment. They’re not all suddenly running scared; they want to get opportunistically involved.'"

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