Han Kun partner Da SHI selected into Beijing AMR's antitrust expert pool

September, 2022 - Beijing, Mainland China

In order to procure a sustainable talent supply for enhancing antitrust law enforcement in Beijing by bringing together the unique strengths of administrative bodies, academic institutions, business associations, law firms, and other mainstay entities, the Beijing Administration for Market Regulation ("Beijing AMR") has selected a group of experts to form its inaugural antitrust expert pool, with letters of appointment being delivered to all members recently. We are pleased to announce that Han Kun partner Da SHI has been appointed as a member to Beijing AMR's antitrust expert pool for a three-year term from 2022 to 2025, where he is identified as a legal practitioner specializing in high-tech, bio-medicine, automobile, and other fields.

Mr. Shi's selection as a Beijing AMR antitrust expert exemplifies Han Kun's antitrust service capabilities. The firm has extensive experience in handling merger filings, cartel and abuse investigations, antitrust litigation and internal investigations, as well as providing compliance counseling, compliance trainings and compliance policy advice in antitrust law. Han Kun's antitrust team serves a wide array of industries such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, high-end manufacturing, agriculture, consumer goods, media, steel, petroleum, chemicals, home appliance, automobile and automotive parts, electronics, and mining.

As stated in Beijing AMR's announcement for selecting the expert pool, member experts are engaged by Beijing AMR to undertake five responsibilities: (1) Case analysis—advising on major, complicated antitrust enforcement cases with respect to the application of law, economic analysis, industry policy analysis, impact analysis, etc., and attend discussions over leading cases to contribute expert opinions. (2) Research on key subjects—carrying out topic-driven research, collaborative research or other forms of study on key competition and antitrust-related issues to keep abreast of theoretical developments in relevant fields both in China and abroad. (3) Competition assessment—carrying out fair competition assessment and competition evaluations of relevant practices and industries in administrative antitrust cases, providing policy support before, during, and after antitrust enforcement actions. (4) Key policy counseling—assisting in research and drafting of competition policies and other key instruments and offer opinions and advice on antitrust efforts. (5) Antitrust publicity and education—assisting in policy communication and education regarding antitrust enforcement and competition law by providing tutorials, lectures and other forms of support.

Lawyer's profile

Mr. Shi specializes in competition law. He is committed to providing practical, tailored advice to clients by creatively combining an in-depth understanding of competition law practice in China and comprehensive knowledge of practices in other major jurisdictions.

Through years of practice, Mr. Shi has developed expertise across a variety of competition law practices, including merger filings, antitrust investigations, antitrust-related dispute resolutions, and competition compliance. Mr. Shi has represented many renowned multinational and domestic companies in diverse industries, including high-tech, healthcare, automobile, real estate, logistics, public services, FMCG, and agriculture.