Han Kun partner Da SHI contributes to 2023 Corporate Compliance Officer Examination textbooks

November, 2022 - Beijing, Mainland China

The textbooks for the 2023 Corporate Compliance Officer Examination, jointly authored by an expert group under organization by the Corporate Compliance Committee of China Enterprise Evaluation Association, have been officially published recently by China Legal Publishing House. Han Kun partner Da SHI, serving as a member of the expert group, contributed the antitrust compliance section of the textbooks.

The Corporate Compliance Officer Examination is a professional ability level exam organized by the China Enterprise Evaluation Association in accordance with the Corporate Compliance Officer Professional Capability Evaluation Standards. The examination aims to implement the Circular of the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on Enhancing Vocational Training for New Professions, which calls for expedited standards formulation and well-organized vocational evaluation for newly emerging professions, to strengthen corporate compliance management in a law-based, standardized, internationalized, well-conceived and modernized manner, and to step up professionalized and normalized development of corporate compliance managers. The China Enterprise Evaluation Association was founded in 1991 by its former supervising authority, the Development Research Center of the State Council, and is registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is the only national-level social organization that that is qualified for enterprise evaluation.