Assisting Sandberg Capital in the acquisition of a majority stake in Green Fox Academy

December, 2022 - Prague, Czech Republic

KSB’s team led by Drahomír Tomašuk and Jana Guričová advised on another major acquisition in the IT and education sector. KSB client Sandberg Capital acquired a majority stake in Hungarian company Green Fox Academy, which also operates in the Czech Republic.

Sandberg Capital has been active on the market since 2014 and focuses on investments in small- and medium-sized companies in the Central European region, particularly in the IT, telecommunications, education, agriculture, and retail segments.

Green Fox Academy started seven years ago as the first-ever company in Hungary to provide IT courses to people interested in programming. It gradually expanded to the Czech Republic (in 2018) and Slovakia (in 2020). It currently employs 113 people and has so far provided training to more than 4,000 IT professionals.